Motion, Artistic Nuances, Tantric Realities, and Anthology

Blue Butterflies

There were these Women….
Yellow Women
Red-Boned Women
Community Women…Tribal Women…Single Women
Sexual women.. Continue reading



A few days ago, my Mother said something to me that’s been bothering me more than the usual “Mother said..” stuff.  We all know how our Mothers can affect us, right? Well this particular conversation has gotten to me.

She said..”You’ve lost your curves! You have a boyish figure and have taken a somewhat masculine build.”  She said…”You look hard and kind of androgynous.” She went on further to say that.. “The exercises that you have been doing are all wrong for your body type Sweetie.” And..”You should now work on building your girly parts,”  (Which means my breast … Continue reading

I Come Forth

Sunrise and Sunset

Through every minute and
Every second

Every hour

Time transcending
Spirits ascending

Passing faces Familiar faces

Walking down paths that I remember Hearing same old stories told


YEMANJA I come forth by Day and by Night

Spirits on top of spirits on top of spirits

Riding bareback between water and rock

Cowry toes

Tree branch fingers


Whirling and spinning about
Hopping and jumping

Squatting and laughing
Right foot before the left

Like a thousand ants moving all about … Continue reading


I lost and I can’t win it back.. A hole that will never be filled..A vision that will only be seen in my dreams.. Continue reading

Spirit Chasing (recycled)

Chasing yesterday..
trying to catch a Butterfly
trying to catch a Rainbow
trying to catch a me…

(They whisper.. “Within darkness comes light”)

Spirit Chasing

Zombie walking
Light murmur
Skin and Bones
Frail wrists
Limp Fingers
Cracking knees and bent neck

Looking around corners and out windows
Trying to catch something..
Trying to catch a Butterfly
Trying to catch a Rainbow
Trying to catch a me

Remembering the days of wonder and youth with childlike excitement
Remembering the laughs within laughs

It used to be … Continue reading

Juniper’s Toss Up

“Stale musky air on their backs. Tan and Beige wool coats..gray and blue polyester slacks, and wide flat leather shoes.” Continue reading

This is a Stick Up!

“Give me all the Luxury and Plastic Surgery, that Money can buy and Power can create”. Continue reading

Foe or Friend?

Stop testing the water when YOU set the temperature! Continue reading


As I watch my wrist bend, and my fingers impatiently dance along the keyboard, with bent knuckles and pointed finger tips, erect nails. Anxiously wanting to speak

Wanting to sing out anthems of my pulse, and rhythms of my chest, memories of …

Fingers “catch up” Come on catch up”

Tell the story, Tell It,….

they shake out LUST, they shiver out words like Heat, Passion, Love, Back, My shoulder, my ankles

Like a “Dance Hall Queen” with fast moving hips, fingers move, pace back and forth, rise, and shrink, anxiously, desperately trying to catch up to my mind

Unsteady … Continue reading

THINK Big!!! Thoughts become Realities!

LOTUSseed Art Gallery

African-American folk art and Mixed Media

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Write to Live, Live to Write
Writing..and Creating are my LIFE..but there's always more to do..and unfortunately lines haven't figured out how to write themselves, yet. So, many projects are left unfinished and stories untold...Here's some scribble:
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