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Love Costs

Love costs. Penniless. Naked. Homeless. Cold and struck

Taken to pieces.. broken in two

Pension free, purse-less, and bare.

Stripped for all to pity

I paid the price and gave all that was in my satchel.

No jingle jangle of coins.

My bank account is depleted and I have no dowry to deposit.

On cobblestone curb, I sit.. skinny and starved..holding this sign…

“Will work hard for it
If you loan me some, I’ll pay you back in interest
Just a little love is all I need…Please Help.”

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We Rise In Greatness (Tribute to Mothers)


We gather around the world to celebrate the genius of who we are and from all the greatness that we have come.

We celebrate OUR Mothers

We celebrate OUR Mothers

OUR Mothers kisses, OUR Mothers strong holds, OUR Mothers guidance. OUR Mother’s pain; her love and life, her accomplishments and defeats, We celebrate the good and bad, because without the bad
we could not know Good.

We Celebrate

We celebrate OUR Womanly hips, OUR Urban Curves, OUR Political Expressiveness OUR Sassy Humor, OUR Anthem, OUR Thick Thigh Dance, OUR Polished Nails, OUR Fancy … Continue reading

That Lady Sang Dem Blues (Tribute to Billie Holiday)

“Chile, That LADY sang dem BLUES”…


She sang of Men and Women, boys and girls, Love and Beginnings and the Beginning to an End.

She sang of her trouble and triumph

She sang through lynchings and beatings, in basements and back alleys

She sang in front of All White faces telling the destiny of Black Glory

She sang of Right and Wrong and the Wrong in what “They” called Right.


“Chile, That LADY sang dem BLUES”


BLUES singing under BLUE lights

BLUE Notes tapping on Black Hearts

BLUE moods gathering the crowd

Lady Singing The BLUES empowering the soul

BLUE Melodies … Continue reading

Selfish Girl






I used to love and not let it go…

I used to love AND hold on tight

Never giving up, my fight for love

Never giving up on love

Never giving up on love…

Then One Day… A MAN…Came Along.. A SELFISH MAN came along…

He stole my love and Now IT’s all gone

He..NEVER.. gave up HIS fight for Love…HE took Mine, now MINE’S all gone..


I’m just a selfish girl…

NEVER giving up on LOVE….NEVER giving up MY FIGHT for LOVE

I’m … Continue reading

Who me?

Sista, Mother, Lover, Me.

Who Me?

With a wiggle in my thigh and a giggle in my hip, I strutted on pass. With my pocketbook shoved under my armpit and my baby’s hand in mine. I strutted pass.

“Aye, Shorty”! “Hey, baby, come here”. (“here”- like Nelly say it).

Who Me? I know he ain’t talkin’ to me!

With a wiggle in my thigh and a giggle in my hip, I strutted on pass. With my pocketbook shoved under … Continue reading

ACT Now!

Is this how we treat our female soldiers?

All of these women have died in “Non-Combat” suspicious incidents.

U.S. Army Spc. Morganne McBeth , 19, of Fredericksburg, Va
Army Spc. Seteria Brown, 22, of Orlando, Fla.
Army Pvt. Tina Priest, 20, of Smithville, Texas
Marine Lance Cpl. Stacy Dryden, 22, of Canton, Ohio.
Army Staff Sgt. Amy Tirador, 29, of Continue reading

My Way


Is it my eyes that hypnotizes you?


Is it my speech that wakens you? Is it my touch that arouses you? Is it my thigh that attracts you. Is it my thoughts that enlighten you?


Is it the beads around my waist that put that dimple on you left cheek?


Is it my walk that distracts you? Is it my dance that entices you?


Is it my breast that nourish you? Is it my poem that sings to you? Is it my fingers that guide you?


Is it my smile … Continue reading

im-ing me

i’m trying to find the time, to figure this (wordpress out) It’s funny how the brain forgets so easily. It’s all so time consuming though. I can’t wait till school is over, a small break, or a burst of midnight energy to finish all of my “In-completions”.

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The Sun is Shining

It wasn’t until I realized that I controlled the day; and that the Sun rises ONLY on my command…. did I finally decide to WAKE UP!

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THINK Big!!! Thoughts become Realities!

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African-American folk art and Mixed Media

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Whose Standing UP for them?

Expats Post

Write to Live, Live to Write
Writing..and Creating are my LIFE..but there's always more to do..and unfortunately lines haven't figured out how to write themselves, yet. So, many projects are left unfinished and stories untold...Here's some scribble:
Poker face..getting ready for a party.
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