Motion, Artistic Nuances, Tantric Realities, and Anthology

I’m here. Heavy eyes and in and out of consciousness. I’m still here.

The Healing Power of ART!

“Art allows for externalization of the internal. It releases repressed emotions in a healthy and creative way.” Continue reading

My Daughters and Sons

I’ve had many..many.. Daughters and Sons

I packed their lunches with their favorite foods, a blessed fruit, and a note “No Matter What, You are Great! You will do your best because you are the best!, I love You, signed Mommy and (smiley face)

I zipped their coats and helped them with their backpacks..Tied the laces of their shoes so they wouldn’t trip. I pinched their cheeks and hugged them tight.

I’ve had many..many.. Daughters and Sons

I watched them from the living room window as they crossed the street…”Look … Continue reading

Let’s Eat Cake

No dollars in the bank, No coins in the couch cushions, No pennies in the jar and I’m all out of ideas..

The mortgage is late and the fridge is empty; No meat, cheese, nor bread.
No liquor in the cabinet, No pills in the drawer, and No hidden stashes.

No gas in the car, and even if there were, there’s No money to go anywhere

The silver is tarnished and can’t be polished… and we sold all that we could sell.                   The phones are ringing and the mailman has a job…so (he) won’t quit

The laundry basket is … Continue reading

Quantum Leaping

Quantum Leap and Free Fall in your life’s architecture design. You want LOVE build a bridge to it! Continue reading


“On ancestor’s shoulders and great, great, great, daddy’s toes” Continue reading

After the Break…

Ok. Send in the guards to stomp the melancholy pity party.

Freedom is the Motto. Free to run wild (NOT) Free to run and fall and laugh

Free to have the “WHOLE BED” Free to dance naked. Free to dress “Kooky” like I often do and not hear “Where are you going dressed like That?!”

Free to dress sexy.. and not hear “Where are you going, dressed like That?!”

Free to come home from a 4 mile run, with the stink of sweat and salt and not worry about offending; … Continue reading

To Dream

No matter how it’s displayed the dream is never deferred.

The laughter, the mimic, the dance, the play of the children. The hope of us..
The message never dies..

1 Aspiration
1 Word
1 Glimmer
1 Smile
1 Tear
1 Step

All we need is 1 to start a (Revolution).

Change is inevitable but the right kind of change lies in the eye of the beholder.. What do you think the children see?

Support Local Charities

The children that you see in the above video, are from one of the  CDF Freedom Schools … Continue reading


I lost and I can’t win it back.. A hole that will never be filled..A vision that will only be seen in my dreams.. Continue reading

THINK Big!!! Thoughts become Realities!

LOTUSseed Art Gallery

African-American folk art and Mixed Media

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Write to Live, Live to Write
Writing..and Creating are my LIFE..but there's always more to do..and unfortunately lines haven't figured out how to write themselves, yet. So, many projects are left unfinished and stories untold...Here's some scribble:
Poker face..getting ready for a party.
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