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My soul is tired.

Make a fist and stand up for your rights

I’m tired.

My soul is tired! Tired of politicizing. Tired of Fighting injustice. Tired of standing up for those who can’t stand for themselves. Tired of writing, tired of marching, tired of requesting, tired of begging, tired of forcing, tired of 36 hr. days…

I’m tired of being able to see! I’m tired of being able to hear!

I’m tired of crying. I’m tired of bags under my eyes. I’m tired of not having time…for ME.

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Sly crooked smile with perched glossy lip…left a cherry mark on the back of a strong neck… Continue reading

That Lady Sang Dem Blues (Tribute to Billie Holiday)

“Chile, That LADY sang dem BLUES”…


She sang of Men and Women, boys and girls, Love and Beginnings and the Beginning to an End.

She sang of her trouble and triumph

She sang through lynchings and beatings, in basements and back alleys

She sang in front of All White faces telling the destiny of Black Glory

She sang of Right and Wrong and the Wrong in what “They” called Right.


“Chile, That LADY sang dem BLUES”


BLUES singing under BLUE lights

BLUE Notes tapping on Black Hearts

BLUE moods gathering the crowd

Lady Singing The BLUES empowering the soul

BLUE Melodies … Continue reading

Bushy Head Bosh

I guess, I feel that if by chance I would appear functional, normal, usual, or “Myself”, I would be admitting that “it” didn’t occur. Continue reading

Time for some upgrades.


Some of us have made choices that we’re not so proud of. We may be in a job that we don’t want. We may be in relationship or a bed that we shouldn’t be in.

We have regrets and feel stuck or trapped in our life paths; as if (WE) don’t know the way out. We suffer (only) because we refuse to accept the truth of our worthiness.  We downplay who we are and therefore we choose the downgraded model. We make choices out of insecurities then we blame “God” or others because we are … Continue reading


As I watch my wrist bend, and my fingers impatiently dance along the keyboard, with bent knuckles and pointed finger tips, erect nails. Anxiously wanting to speak

Wanting to sing out anthems of my pulse, and rhythms of my chest, memories of …

Fingers “catch up” Come on catch up”

Tell the story, Tell It,….

they shake out LUST, they shiver out words like Heat, Passion, Love, Back, My shoulder, my ankles

Like a “Dance Hall Queen” with fast moving hips, fingers move, pace back and forth, rise, and shrink, anxiously, desperately trying to catch up to my mind

Unsteady … Continue reading

Love Costs

Love costs. Penniless. Naked. Homeless. Cold and struck

Taken to pieces.. broken in two

Pension free, purse-less, and bare.

Stripped for all to pity

I paid the price and gave all that was in my satchel.

No jingle jangle of coins.

My bank account is depleted and I have no dowry to deposit.

On cobblestone curb, I sit.. skinny and starved..holding this sign…

“Will work hard for it
If you loan me some, I’ll pay you back in interest
Just a little love is all I need…Please Help.”

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Etta James

Sweet songs Etta!

The legendary Etta James, Blues and R&B singer died of complications of  Leukemia today, at the age of 73.  Her music and raspy, strong, (tell no lying tale) voice resounded loud and clear for us all.   She told us how it was and was gonna be.  She begged without submission and gave no apologies about “Her” story and how she saw fit to tell it.

Etta’s sexy and sultry sound is the Mother of the voices of today’s Grammy Award Winners and the Heart and Soul of yesterday.  We love you Etta.

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Just Do It!

Sometimes it’s okay to “Free Fall”…

Free Falling into invisible possibilities is called “FAITH”.

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THINK Big!!! Thoughts become Realities!

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