Motion, Artistic Nuances, Tantric Realities, and Anthology

I Come Forth

Sunrise and Sunset

Through every minute and
Every second

Every hour

Time transcending
Spirits ascending

Passing faces Familiar faces

Walking down paths that I remember Hearing same old stories told


YEMANJA I come forth by Day and by Night

Spirits on top of spirits on top of spirits

Riding bareback between water and rock

Cowry toes

Tree branch fingers


Whirling and spinning about
Hopping and jumping

Squatting and laughing
Right foot before the left

Like a thousand ants moving all about … Continue reading

Oh, how blessed I am!

I wake up every morning giving thanks to the Creator.  Sometimes, on my knees.  Sometimes, with a simple raise of the hand. But, most times..I’m communing when I’m getting ready for the day.

Nepali sadhu performing a blessing. Image via Wikipedia

I’m praying as I’m washing dishes, sweeping the floor, preparing meals, taking care of pets, etc.  It’s a constant form of praise.  A constant connection.  No separation or distance between me and spirit.

As I think on the bills, the duties of the day, … Continue reading

Just wait

Lately, I’ve felt a bit discouraged.  Seems like nothing is going the way that I think it should. It feels like progress isn’t happening fast enough. I’ve even felt that maybe my efforts were hopeless and a waste of time.

Then…I remembered. Flowers don’t grow just because I tell them too.  It takes time and cultivation. The soil needs to be amended, seeds need to be planted, the weather and conditions should be assessed, and then time.

Soon buds will appear.  (Just wait)

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Ready…am I?

He said.. “I can right all the wrongs.. that “The Last One” did. I can make it right.
I can kiss the spots that “The Last One” forgot and find the ones that “The Last One” didn’t know you had.”

“I can right all the wrongs. I’ll fix it. I’ll fix it. If you ease a bit.. just a inch, I’ll come in and treat you like you never been treated. I promise I won’t let you down.”

But every time he’s with me..I’m on the ground.

My clothes are dirty and tattered, my hair … Continue reading

My Best Day


My Best Day…Chipped Nails, A good Push-up, Striped Socks, Stilettos, an almost empty energy drink, and The Black Key’s fingering my ear lobes…




Strips of Love (To My Birthday Well-Wishers)

I woke up (TODAY) on the heels of my Birthday; the mirror of many births…of many beginnings.. Continue reading


He wants me..

……………………though he knows me not.

He wants me..

……………………..he thinks I’m beautiful  “Your my Living Doll..” he whispers at my earlobe…though he’s never really seen me.

He wants me..

……………………..he wants my legs wrapped around him, ankles crossed at his waist, holding, gripping, and lifting me…though he’ll never ever feel me.

He wants me..

………………..because he says he “thinks” he loves me.

But how? How could he want me?  How could he possibly love me..When I’m not the “Me” that he thinks I am.  In fact, I’m the (ME) that he refuses to see.

(ME): Flawed and … Continue reading

The Fisherman

He ripped them off. Plucked each turned feather..and ripped them off. Naked, and no longer able to sits (she sits). No longer beautiful, or priceless. Broken, shameful, and unwanted. Continue reading

Poker Face (Experiment) not yet finished..(insomnia rant)

Poker face..getting ready for a party.

nothing but goodies behind her back..dimple cheeked fat kneed girl.  Long lashes playfully blink, a fat hand she fans which faces toward her breast. ..

In her seat she gleefully kicks, scraping her heels in the already worn scratches of the hardwood floor.

“Come on man!! Hurry up and play.” She laughs.  “You might as well fold.  You know I won!”

He ignores her, biting his lower lip.

Impatiently she squirms, and spins in her seat.  Tossing her hair back behind her, and leaning as far back in the seat as possible.  Her neck … Continue reading

THINK Big!!! Thoughts become Realities!

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Writing..and Creating are my LIFE..but there's always more to do..and unfortunately lines haven't figured out how to write themselves, yet. So, many projects are left unfinished and stories untold...Here's some scribble:
Poker face..getting ready for a party.
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