About Mantra Lotus

I am who I am, simply.

while you sleep

please stay


You wrap me up.

Heavy breath behind me, hot and simmering around my forehead, bellowing into my face

Your yellow arms cuff me… keeping me safe.

Through glossy eyes..I  gaze at the red curls of hair along your skin. Pink nails on thick, long, fingers… Sturdy veins protruding up to your shoulder.

Held tight, nestled in your elbow, I feel the warmth in your chest, the closeness of your bones.

Hollowed and Curved, your body bends to shelter me.

Your knees slightly raised…to lift me.

In your sleep your chin leans..allowing you to kiss me. You huff while gently tugging me closer. I raise to kiss the inside of your shoulder, then fall deeper into you.

Through glossy dim eyes..I peer. I feel. I hope. I dream. I pray.

I pray that your arms will always hold me.

I pray that your chest will always support me.

I pray that your ears will always hear me.

….That your eyes will always see me..

I pray that your lips will always smile for me.

I pray that your voice will always speak for me.

I pray that your fingers will always touch me.

….That your feet will always stand for me..

Through glossy dim, wet eyes…

I pray that your heart will always ache for me and that your soul will always long for me

I pray that your mind will always think of me and that your dreams will always be filled of me

Through glossy, dim, wet, red eyes…

I pray that your love will be so strong for me that (this time) it will be impossible for me to leave.

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Think Big!

Image Credit: Babekha
Image Credit: Babekha

Image Credit: Babekha

A Thought can become a Wish
A Wish can become a Dream
A Dream can become a Possibility
A Possibility can become an Opportunity
An Opportunity can become Reality.

True right? Well, not exactly. Let’s change it..and Flip it up a bit.

A Thought WILL become a Wish
A Wish WILL become a Dream
A Dream WILL become a Possibility
A Possibility WILL become an Opportunity
An Opportunity WILL become Reality.

Better? Yes. and No. Let’s own it!


We ARE Limitless, Boundless, Bold, Undefined, and as Great as we THINK we are. Change your thought..Change your Life.

Think BIG Today!


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Ra Ma Da Sa, “I Am Thou”

Image Credit: Stephanie Smith


Last night, I went to bed with deep sadness. I had the feeling of losing yet I hadn’t lost anything nor anyone. Tears swept my sheets until I finally drifted off to sleep.

This morning, I arose happy and with no memory of the night before.  I was delighted to see the day; bright and optimistic like I am on most days. Yet, within an hour of my rising, my chest began to hurt (on my left side). Convinced that the pain was caused by too much caffeine, I decided that I would fast and flush my system with water and then all would be okay. However, as time passed the pain grew more intense and I was forced to stop all that I was doing and sit quietly to meditate on what was causing the pain.

Within my silence I heard the Mantra: Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung.


Ra = sun energy
Ma = moon energy
Da = earth energy
Sa = infinity, universal energy
Sa (repeated)
Say = the personal embodiment of Sa
So = the personal sense of merger with Sa
Hung = the Infinite, vibrating and real

This mantra literally means: “I am Thou.” It is a healing Mantra.

I recited and breathed the meaning into my chest and instantly I remembered my night of sadness and gained clarity of why I was in pain. I was experiencing a heart-ache (literally). It all became clear.

For days, my energy levels have been all over the place.  I’ve been imbalanced and sort of fragmented; a bunch of Highs and Lows. But, even more interesting is that I’ve had an overwhelming amount of Sexual energy; which the fact that I am acknowledging it means that it has to be pretty powerful.  Those who know me are aware that I embrace all parts of my Spectacular-ness..and I am very unhidden about the private aspects of my life.  But, when I have a job to do, I am very serious about working and specifically if it’s work on  (ME) Sex is out of the question. Currently, I am consciously celibate and have been for a long, long, long (can I add another one?) Long time..lol. So, I’m somewhat used to combating my frisky phases. But, this was different and needed further self-examination.

In the past couple of weeks, I have been in a creative stage in my life and in a prosperity crunch. I’m working to get all that I am destined to do (at this point) accomplished. Finish my manuscript, Publish a book, and début my art at my first gallery showing next month.

Needless to say, this is a very stressful time for me. Anyone who has experienced the “Rush and Push of life” can sympathize with the anxiety, self-doubt, and exhaustion that comes along with it. It’s a strong frustration, kind of like unreleased Sexual Energy..(light-bulb moment). My strong sexual desire is me wanting to see and feel the results of my work. I desperately long to be comforted and strengthened to push harder and further (no pun intended..lol. well maybe a little).

Unexpectedly, my frustration turned into sadness. Sadness for feeling as if I hadn’t been soothed or relaxed. I haven’t been given the satisfaction that “Everything is going to be alright”. I felt empty and uncertain. I felt lonely and unloved. Heartbroken.

The pain in my chest; at my heart, was a physical result of me internalizing my feelings of ambivalence and the need to be accepted.

In stillness I found my true self. Once, I prayed and chanted..I knew.


“I am thou.” I am unique and the only one of (Me). I am beautiful and perfect. There is a place for me in the universe and it is wherever I sit. I AM Destined! I need not worry. I need not crave attention and answers for what I already know. I am wanted and accepted. I am touched by all the love that I have given to the Universe because It comes back to me. I am never alone because God is in me. I need not suffer nor cause my suffering because I am a healer of pain not the creator of pain.


“I am Thou”. My pain suddenly vanished and my undies don’t feel so tight…lol. Now, let’s get back to work!






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Image Credit: Unknown
Image Crediti: Sya

Image credit: Sya


We are all given experiences and people who are strategically placed in our lives to share in (our) experiences. They are disguised as friends, family, enemies, strangers, etc. But, what they really are is “Gifts”. They help us in making decisions in our lives. We learn from them, we work for them, we MOVE for them; either closer to them or farther away.  Each action or shift is a learning tool for our lives. But, sometimes we’re not watching. Pay close attention to the one’s that shape your lives..acknowledge them. Because when they move..WE move too…just make sure it’s in the right direction.

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New Art

"I got ya Goldie"

This is a snippet of my latest project. Mannequin Art!!!!

The collection consists of miscellaneous items: stones, trash cans..etc. Whatever I can brand the design on.

Family Portrait

Painting Mannequin Makeover

The paintings were painted over existing pictures., So I guess you can say that it’s sort of (Green Art). I used old/unwanted frames and pictures that I had around the house or purchased from thrift stores, garage sells, etc. and painted over them. (Neat right?)

Examples of Old Paintings

Examples of Old Paintings


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Just a little heat

Image Credit: Unknown

Just a little heat on this cold day..just a little heat to take the worry away.

I don’t need much…Just a little.

A tiny bit of air on the back of neck will do.

An itsy-bit of warmth at my ear..to calm my chill

A microscopic drop of dampness to melt the coldness of my chest

Just a little heat on this cold day..just a little heat to take the worry away..is all I need

A miniature kiss

A barely there rub

A small press at my temple

A slight fever in my belly

All I NEED is a little heat on this cold day…just a little heat to take the worry away…
Just a flicker of flame in your eye (for me and me only) will do me just fine.

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Image Credit: Mantra
Image Credit: Mantra

Image Credit: Mantra

Black nails..scrape; striping your forearm, I watch streaks fade from Scarlet to Blue.  Tinted Purple fingerprints mimic my grip.

Facing you..Green eye to Brown. Wide, Kohl lashes flicker fast.  Moist Crimson lips..twist between White teeth nibbling Pink…creating warm Fuchsia.

Tightly pulling Ivory. Wrestling Magenta.

Grabbing Beige. Tugging Yellow. Yanking Burgundy.

Clutching Caramel. Pushing Almond. Pinching Ebony.

Grappling Ginger. Straddling Cream. Covering Copper.

Tasting Hazel. Sipping Coffee. Pressing Honey.

Brassy and Golden. Emerald and happily Jaded.

Blushed and Shaded Sapphire.

Fleshed out. Red-Hot flashed about and blended colorfully next to you.

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“E” B Jamming!

Image Credit: Brownsburg High School Athletics

It ain’t too hard..It ain’t too hard for me to JAM! Michael Jackson


Across The Court..he shoots…”Swish”.

The rubber of his shoes squeak as they frisk along the gym floor… never leaving a scuff.

Gliding and Moon-walking..  (Jamming)

His nylon pants mimic each breezy gesture..back and forth they wave responding to every Twinkling Movement.  He pauses… Alert and Quiet. Head up. Eye’s Pierced. Arms High. Gently Releasing… then….”Swish”.

Before the ball hits the floor…”Plap” it falls into his hands.

An echo fills the court…”I got this“, he huffs in breathy exaltation.

The ball briefly claps the Maple floor then congratulates his palm.  He nods. He Grips..Shoots… “Swish”.  I got this!

Easy. Steady. Smooth.

Inside the hoop The Ball riddles, wriggling through the mesh,  and he’s there to catch it.. “Plap”

I got this“..he outwardly calls out to all onlookers. Holding the ball..he smiles..with shoulders high and chest broad, he tenderly surrenders, freeing the ball…and down it goes.

He Dribbles..then Retrieves.

Dropping then Picking up.


They Flicker to the end of the court, Up and Down. Swish and Swooshing, Circling each other “Jamming” together..

Pack. Pap, Plap..Clap, Squeak..

“Swish”...”I got this” 


“The World is The Court, Life is The Ball”. It’s never about how hard the game is,  it’s only about how you play it. (You got this..It ain’t too hard for you to Jam so…. it must be “EASY”)


Go EB..Go EB..Go EB… ‘Swish”.


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Foe or Friend?

Friend or Foe
Image credit: Logo Snapback

Image credit: Logo Snapback

STOP being your own worst Foe! “Stop it!”

When your life is going good..let it!

Most times we ask God, Creator, the Universe, or (Whatever you want to call it) for things that we want. Sometimes we ask Unconsciously, sometimes Consciously. Always, God say’s “YES”.  So when we are given exactly what we have asked for..why do we doubt it?  Why do we question it to see if it is exactly what we already know it is?

Stop testing the water when YOU set the temperature!  It just doesn’t make sense.

Some of us cause so much havoc in our own lives that it’s more damage than our worst foe could do to us. We create it than pretend that we don’t know how our lives got so bad. Life is not meant to be hard.

Breathing is effortless.

Be easy..and keep it that way. Be a friend and Champion to your life. Love all that you have added to it and if something isn’t right…make it better.

Forward Forever, Backwards Never!


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Her Face

Image Credit:S ofiscats


She tells the story…
of her beginning and end…
her Coming’s and all of her Going’s

Her eyes whisper the joys of her children
and the heartaches of her love and all of it’s struggle

Her Cheeks radiate Sparrows Melodies and Swan Lakes Song’s

Her Lips tell glossy tales of World-wide Adventures, and her lineage in Sovereign Lands

Flowers blossom in her hair

She wakes with the Sun and sleeps to the Moons Lullaby

She dances like the Rain

The ground praises her by kissing her feet
with each step she takes

The High Mountains welcome her..
She climbs them with Determination, Strength, Steadfastness, and Compassion

On her journey she carries a staff filled with the sweet liquor of (PEACE) and.. SHE SMILES

A SMILE so bright that it shines light upon the world
A SMILE so vibrant that it brings light to every heart
A SMILE that reflects all of the beauty that exists within her

Everything that she IS..is shown on HER FACE



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Wild As I Am

Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar, Model Naomi Campbell
Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar, Model Naomi Campbell

Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar, Model Naomi Campbell

Gold Dipped

Diamond Dazzled

Jet Eye

Ebony Lash

Black Curled, Coiled, Thick Forested Hair

Sunset Nipple

Moonlit Rib

Twilight Thigh

……………………..Oh..As Wild As I am.

Hyena Laugh

Lioness gait

Butterfly Flirt

Willow Tree Sway

…………………………. Wild As I Am.

Bare Footed, Wide Open, and Spotted Red

Flamingo Dancing Underneath Black Sky.


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Let’s Eat Cake

Image Credit: Iheartnaptime.net

Let us eat cake

No dollars in the bank, No coins in the couch cushions, No pennies in the jar and I’m all out of ideas..

The mortgage is late and the fridge is empty; No meat, cheese, nor bread.
No liquor in the cabinet, No pills in the drawer, and No hidden stashes.

No gas in the car, and even if there were, there’s No money to go anywhere

The silver is tarnished and can’t be polished… and we sold all that we could sell.                   The phones are ringing and the mailman has a job…so (he) won’t quit

The laundry basket is overflowing and there’s No laundry detergent, No dish liquid, and No soap…

SO..there’s No undies, No socks, No shirts, and No pants                                                          Just Bare backs and bare bottoms..

Bare Feet and Bare Breasts,

Bare Faces and Bared of Ego

Bare to the essential..

Naked, unbiased, unprejudiced, simple and free, and honestly choiceless.

But, there’s YOU…

…and ME

and WE can make CAKE.

Let’s eat cake :-) It truly is the sweetest and the most fulfilling part of life.


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