Where Did My Baby Go?

From the tip of his penis, to the tall gray strand that coils in the top of his head…he’s changed

Dark curls play merry-go-round at his lower back

Bushy eyebrows

Big, thick, hands. Veins plump along.

Curved small belly, sits where strong abs once where.. a baby no more.

No mother’s milk smell, in the corners of his mouth

A full grown MAN.

A Man with responsibilities and complications

A Man with swagger and sex appeal
A Man with a smile that makes everything sunny (in my world)
A Man that works hard to satisfy not just please

A grown Man with grown Man things..

Even though we were both so young when we met, I wouldn’t change the Man that you have become.

Though at times, I lust for the tenderness and naivety that you once possessed, the necessary roughness clothes me just fine.

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