Bitter Fruit

I’m tired..but can’t stop.  Intrigued by the adventure. Obligated by the disgust.

The lies within seduction… The tales and trails of broken hearts.. America‘s lost.  Drunkards, whores, beggars, poor, the sick and the sinners. The neglected and the left behind.

Bounded and bonded like lepers.  They huddle. Protecting each other, because no one protected them.

Admitted lost causes.  Coasting along empty allies.

Following the drift of dampened paper.

Soiled and Smelly

Sour and Turned

Curious Apples..Bitter fruit.

The core of the Earth.  Buried and hidden.

Unrecognizable and Unteachable

Wild, untrained, and unruly.. Beasts of burden.

“Shifty side-eyed Vagrants“..she spit;  from her plastic body in her titanium car, with gold-plated heel pressing the pedal.

(The living),  barely paying her attention. For she is but a wicked ghost, only to be swept away with salt from the purest sea.   Her face..the most ghastly of all.  An unwavering stench. A hideous view.

Her sins are so atrocious..that they are unmentionable.


Speak not of the dead, for they are dead and can’t hear anyway.


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I am who I am, simply.


  1. Powerfully written, and no holds barred. A sad and terrible picture of a suffering part of humanity.

  2. Touching :)
    For some: Fruit is just plain rotten!

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