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So this thing that some of us call “Life” is constantly transforming us..continuously flipping us high, gently shoving, and sometimes burying us.

Personally, this past week has been crazy for me. Illness in my family, lost loved ones; found. Hard transitions, budding love possibilities, watching my children bask in new-found freedom, plenty of sleepless nights, acceptance, friendship, and decisions.

I’ve been running through my life..turning cartwheels and singing songs that I didn’t know I knew. A steady flow of movement.. (My LIFE)…no set direction, and landing where the universe blows me. It’s been loud and it’s been silent. But, the beauty of it is (this time) I’ve been aware.

It hasn’t been very often, that I can take full credit for being totally conscious of events, choices, and the twists of my life. This time I have seen, I have admired, and been fully present in “My LIFE”. I haven’t closed my eyes, I haven’t unplugged the phone, and I haven’t talked myself out of “anything” that I feared.

I realized that while I am flipping, falling, flying and landing, that everyone around me is flipping, falling, flying, and landing. I am not doing anything that no one else
isn’t doing. My experiences, though they are “my” experiences are not just my own. It’s an experience…it moves, it happens, it exists and any movement is not singular.. it effects all that it interacts with… A leaf blows because of the wind, it lands on pavement that is walked, ran, or rode upon. It is swept up or turned into mulch..carried on a shoe, etc. It moves, it transforms, it communes, it’s experiences become “our” experience.

I say this because, while people are dying, supernovas are being discovered. While someone is hurting; a child is learning to read.. while we are dealing with breakups, divorce or abuse; some soul is being ordained.

Pay attention..we are all doing cartwheels, some of us are just oblivious to the “ups and downs”.

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I am who I am, simply.

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