while you sleep

please stay

  You wrap me up. Heavy breath behind me, hot and simmering around my forehead, bellowing into my face Your yellow arms cuff me… keeping me safe. Through glossy eyes..I  gaze at the red curls of hair along your skin. Pink nails on thick, long, fingers… Sturdy veins protruding up …

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Candy Cane Jane’s

Image Credit: Black Girls Inked

This gallery contains 17 photos.

Sweet Candy Cane…blue-banged Jane Peppermint Patty‘s saucy grin..high chin.. Silver-Pricked Bright Poinsettia Lip Roman Numerals tattooed from her shoulder down to her hip. Course knuckles and studded wrist Her Pin-up way more resonating then the “70’s Black Power Fist” Pierced how SHE likes. Dressed how SHE likes. Colored how SHE …

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Ebony Bones


U.K. sensation Ebony Thomas, aka, “Ebony Bones”, is transforming the air waves and fogging up the monitors with her intriguing style. Her sound is a mixture of Afro-punk, rock, and funkadelic. Independently, thrashing down stereotypical brick-walls, she kicks high in her blond Afro and combat boots. An origami rainbow walking, …

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I Float


“I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”… I tap-dance on moonbeams; bowing down at every tree.. Kicking over bulldozers in pink pumps… …..in church blasting “Fergie‘s..My humps” I shoot down the rain with the flick of my wrist.. ….Now, who was that? That said..”Don’t quote me boy, …

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Janelle Monae’s Interview with SoulCulture