Her Face

Image Credit:S ofiscats


She tells the story…
of her beginning and end…
her Coming’s and all of her Going’s

Her eyes whisper the joys of her children
and the heartaches of her love and all of it’s struggle

Her Cheeks radiate Sparrows Melodies and Swan Lakes Song’s

Her Lips tell glossy tales of World-wide Adventures, and her lineage in Sovereign Lands

Flowers blossom in her hair

She wakes with the Sun and sleeps to the Moons Lullaby

She dances like the Rain

The ground praises her by kissing her feet
with each step she takes

The High Mountains welcome her..
She climbs them with Determination, Strength, Steadfastness, and Compassion

On her journey she carries a staff filled with the sweet liquor of (PEACE) and.. SHE SMILES

A SMILE so bright that it shines light upon the world
A SMILE so vibrant that it brings light to every heart
A SMILE that reflects all of the beauty that exists within her

Everything that she IS..is shown on HER FACE



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Wild As I Am

Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar, Model Naomi Campbell
Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar, Model Naomi Campbell

Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar, Model Naomi Campbell

Gold Dipped

Diamond Dazzled

Jet Eye

Ebony Lash

Black Curled, Coiled, Thick Forested Hair

Sunset Nipple

Moonlit Rib

Twilight Thigh

……………………..Oh..As Wild As I am.

Hyena Laugh

Lioness gait

Butterfly Flirt

Willow Tree Sway

…………………………. Wild As I Am.

Bare Footed, Wide Open, and Spotted Red

Flamingo Dancing Underneath Black Sky.


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Shades of YOU


Black History Month is a celebration of ALL of our history!

Coal Black
Soot Black
Blue Black
Sapphire Black
Mahogany Black
Ruby Black
Red Black
Gray Black
Chestnut Black
Bronze Black
Carmel Black
Amber Black
Honey Black
Oak Black
Beige Black
Mellow Yellow Black
White Black


The Lightest of the light..Black

The Darkest of the dark..Black

We are all different Shades of Black.

Know your History!!!

Community Village Activist

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I died today


I died today… my skin darkened, and color changed. Air rushed from my body. I became silent. Softly I closed my eyes, felt my limbs freeze…stiff and still, I left.

I drowned. The water consumed me, covered my head, filled my nose, and flooded my mouth.
My ears popped. My lungs grew heavy..my chest puffed and hardened. It hurt.
I felt unspeakable pain.
Engulfed..I died.

All my sins played before me. All my good turned to tears.

I died a horrible death.
blood dripped from my nose, my teeth gnashed..I snarled at my killer. My pupils turned ruby. My cheeks ashed and lips withered. With crimson skin under my fingernails..I scratched the pavement. I failed to crawl to safety. I screamed. I screamed.
Ripped.. I died

Memories of abuse, pain, and trauma bruised my face. Pleas muttered from my lips. Weak and frail.
I gasped to hold tight the last bit of air. My throat constricted, my heart stopped, and my bladder failed. I quit. I gave up.
Defeated..I died.

……only to be born again..new…clean..fresh..healed..reincarnated and given another chance.

Another try.

Another try at living.

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These Fingers

Venice Hands
Venice Hands

Image Credit: Sajan Raj Kurup

I’ve noticed that I haven’t been wearing any rings lately; on my fingers.

No polish, or color; except for my own brown glossy shade.

I’m attracted to the plainness, the shortness of fingernail, the roundness of knuckle, and the delicate bends.

The softness of palm with blushing lines throughout

The thin of finger and tiny mimic of bone (so enticing)

Stretching my hands in front of me, and spreading them wide, I quiver..a subtle quake

I’ve seen these hands do so much….
They bake superior pies
They raise high fists in crowds
They have kept safe, the smallest of creatures
They swiftly dance on keyboard riffs

These fingers play invisible piano on busy trains
They scrub pots and pans
They paint un-sketched masterpieces
They soothe my scalp,
They baby my ear,
They nestle my thigh and rub my belly

They work diligently to feed me
They dress and undress me
bathe and comfort me

These fingers on these two hands..do so much.

They are weary and stretched.
Cracked lines and swollen knuckles..

They appear as if they’ve done enough..done too much…

Yet, they still lift me out of bed every morning.  They wipe my eyes and massage my temples. They prepare me in prayer pose and hold me in high plank.

They cheer and clap for me during the day, and relax my neck in the evening.

These fingers.. on these two hands.. hold my head and pray me to sleep; every night.

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Love Me Right

Image credit: Michael D. Harris

I got rivers flowing through my breast….

Ancient rivers that Griots tell stories about…
that babies suckle from
that tiny toes dance through
that Monks bow to

I got rivers flowing through my breast

Elephant trunks sip from
Grandmothers bathe in
Grandfathers are baptized in

Love me right

I got a cowrie-shelled belly that houses the Sun….that awakens to the Moon.

Fruits and vegetables are born in
Blue-black slaves hide in
Lost souls rest in
My children played in
Love my Belly, love my Belly…

Love me right

Hear my voice..
Listen, it does have something to say.

It sings, It laughs loud, It whispers, It sweetly sasses, it delicately scolds
It firmly teaches, it mimics past monarchs, and it sounds like my mother and echoes of my great-grandmother
It floods with the wisdom of my great-grandfather
It blows the gentle love breezes of my father
Words meditate along it’s melody, Mantra’s unite within it’s rhythm…
LOVE my Voice..Love my Voice…

Love me right

I am a dream, a hope, a vision, a blossomed flower, a matured possibility, A destined existence and plentiful crop.

I am your mother, I am your father, I am your brother, I am your sister, I am your son, I am your daughter, I am YOU
I am infused of the ancestors, The thigh of the deities, The root of the trees, The atoms in the air, The ground beneath your feet..

I am Life and Death, I am Spirit and Breath

So… You better…Love me RIGHT!



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Blow on Me


Just a blow behind my left ear. Just a silent whisper is all I need. My belly rises and falls and twists of us. Long before we became “US”.

I remember being four, and seeing you at the bottom stairwell, a chill never forgotten.

At night you would pace and pant outside of my window. I listened and heard. Ignored and hid.

As a child, I read you in the comic books, I fingered your thigh and played hand clap games with you. In Jet Magazine, I kissed your toe. Your multifaceted face paved my school books.

At church, I helped finish your sermons. And, “I” wrote the music to all the hymns.

To hold me, and to graze my shoulder is all I would ask, but you never did.

I jogged pass you the other day, and took your water; it tasted sweet (as always).

I noticed the new flowers that you planted in the backyard, I wrote a note to you on how beautiful they were, “I placed it on top of the T.V.” I know you saw it.

A new mole appeared, right above my right breast, I looked for you, to question your face, Solemn you appeared, with no response.

“Do you see this?” I whispered.. You shrugged, and walked away.

I slept an hour too late all week long, you never woke me, you just sat heavy at the foot of my bed. When, I finally arose you left and stood in the living room front corner (As Always). Just standing, and watching, everyday.

You linger and hover around me, You ride in the backseat and wait in the kitchen.

Just… Just… Touch me. I think I can take it.

You stand over me as I bathe. Just… Just..Touch me. I can take it.

You followed me to the hospital today; riding my heels. I suddenly stopped, you stopped too. I stretched my hand to you.. “I really need you today.” I whispered. “Just hold my hand, please. Please!..” I pleaded. You never responded. You just waited and watched the creases in my face. The quiver of my lip brought you no sympathy.

I turned away from you and straightened my back and tried to walk away from you as fast as I could. Of course, I knew that you would never grow tired of surrounding me. Still, I just wanted to get away from you. My hurt didn’t bother you, my discontent and pain (you cared not).

You watch me now. Sitting on my desk, dangling and kicking your feet. I reach for your ankle, you dodge me and just keep on paddling. Almost whimsical. You watch me breathe, and sit and breathe again. Not an utterance, not a “humph” or even a bump.

I’ll just ignore you.. I’ll act as if your not here. I can’t help but to look your way, because I know that your staring at me, watching and waiting.

“Humph” I say. What’s the point. I guess this is just “US”.

I look at you, (longing) “Will you at least just blow on me?”

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Spirit is in ME


Something so deep inside me, that burns and sizzles

That yearns and parts and spreads

that opens and allows spirit to run..

to swim

to fly

to laugh

to breed

to be born….in…. Me.

to be born in the deepest part of me. The inside of all that I am

born within my intestines,

born within my ovaries,

born within my veins,

born within my blood,

born within my cells,

within my cells, cells.

born within the birth…

a sting, a pound, a beat, a tearful pain, a shake, a playful giggle, a sneaky snare..

in me…

in me…

in my left and right thigh

in the wiggle of my butt cheek

in the twist of my wrist

in the sound of my voice

in my eyelash

in the way I place fly away strands of hair, quickly behind my left ear

my shine

my ashe

my glow

my words

the air that fills me

the taste that excites me

the sound that soothes me

Spirit is in me…

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I Come Forth


Sunrise and Sunset

Through every minute and
Every second

Every hour

Time transcending
Spirits ascending

Passing faces Familiar faces

Walking down paths that I remember Hearing same old stories told


YEMANJA I come forth by Day and by Night

Spirits on top of spirits on top of spirits

Riding bareback between water and rock

Cowry toes

Tree branch fingers


Whirling and spinning about
Hopping and jumping

Squatting and laughing
Right foot before the left

Like a thousand ants moving all about YOU


Creeping through your pineal gland

Along cortex groves

Stimulating testes and ovaries

Waiting to dance on the climax

Beckoning your tongue to be loosed

Come and reunite with me Through history and prayer

Come bow down at the shrine

Taste clear blood

Drink of all

Understand the flow of all that exist outside of your body

You are no more You are no more

YOU are it

YOU are all





Awake to the rustling of your wings
Let them carry you to place of remembrance
Let them take you beyond the mirror

Step into darkness; damp hot sweaty darkness

Every drop has color

You create what you wish and you are all that you create

Black butterflies fluttering as eyelashes
Turtles as feet
A sword as a back
An elephants trunk for a belly
Weeping willows for arms
A lotus as a face
Eyes of fire and
Lips of purple dust

With every twirl and whirl of your hips;
a rush of flower petals surround you



Take hold of the energy that directs you

Take the hand of a baobab tree

Pass through oceans into black holes

Through meditation rituals

Dig beneath the earth and hear the ancient stories

Told from the mouths of beetles

LISTEN- walls do talk
LISTEN trees do hear
LISTEN birds know who you are

I evoke spirits within spirits
I evoke water within water
Air within air

I call to Mama, Baba, Creator,
All that will hear me

I come bringing gifts:
Dresses made from eagle feathers
Shoes of gold
Glass volcanoes
Teeth of pearl and A baboons drum

I come forth by day and by night

Like a pitch black cloud that sweeps across every
Planet at 18 hours in a second
Sending wisps of coconut scented milk drops that
fall and dazzle on top of every spine; like gold diamonds
Volcano power erupts from my palm
Apricot nectar drips from my lips
With woven breast made like a birds nest housing elephant babies
I nurse them with the juice of black cherries


With ancestral skulls buried underneath my armpits and
aborted babies kept snug in my navel
with snake-skin wrapped snugly around my thigh and beaver
fur tied around my ankle
a stolen noose from a southern tree drapes my shoulders with Black neck still attached
Homeless people ride my back and
Single mothers suckle gold coins from my toes


With hidden secrets in my fingernails and the answers to all
questions imaginable in my eyebrows


With all things seen and unseen
Myths and history
Truth and disease
Antidote and voodoo


Evoking spirits within spirits
Evoking water within water
Air within air




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Image Credit: Unknown
Image Credit: Unknown

Image Credit: Unknown

We ride on the backs and breast of those that have come before

On ancestor’s shoulders and great, great, great, daddy’s toes

With drops of frankincense and myrrh and rows of gold around our necks

We ride on ocean waves of blue blackness on top of undersea ancient temples imprinted

of our blue colored faces

We ride on Congo drum beats

with dancing moving hips and

breezy Blowing dreadlocks

on Cowrie shelled waist bead covered bellies

We ride on lion’s mane and canine teeth

On Elephant tusk and Zebra stripes

On library book covers

On wall filled Art Museum canvases

We ride in church,

in-between church pews and in the lines of church hymns

We ride on Egyptian tombs encased in limestone adorned with

(Us riding) in hieroglyphic text

We ride on guitar strings and thumb machines

In Paris, Korea, Alaska, and of course Mozambique

We ride through Southern towns pass southern trees

In Submarines, Rockets and Purple Ford Cadillac’s

with hydraulics and wheels that float on air

We ride on the lips of poets and the high pitch sounds of Opera singers

On the laps of Authors and the laptops of professors

We ride on the cheeks of babies and the smiles of playground playing children

We ride on the thick skin of plantains and the sweet of yam

We ride on lilies and bumblebee stripes

We ride on the baobabs trunk and in Kapiti plains playing peek-a-boo through high grass

We ride on internet webs and crowded emails

We ride on white-gold Aunk wedding bands with matching anklets

On Milan fashion walkways jet black and bald even at the nape

We ride in fubu, and Rocka wear, Baby Phat,

Green converse chucks, and Alonzo Mourning Jersey’s

We ride on corner store newspaper stands

On billboard fonts and 8 track cassettes

We ride on veggie burgers and spicy chicken wings

We ride right past death, right through heavens gates

We ride on waterbeds, the backs of futons, canopy ropes and hardwood floors

In Ma Ma’s basements, and Granddaddy porches and Uncle Eddie’s barbecue

We ride in Kitchen stews and Afua’s “Heal Thyself”

We ride on double-dutch ropes and pebbled filled hula hoops

We ride on Panther fists and Tupaks rap

On Afrikan Liberation Day and at the Million man March

We ride on Shaggy’s Bombastic and Michael’s “Thriller”

We ride on Kush’s thigh in Shiva’s arms

On Buddha’s Nubian Knots

With Rasta purple smoke and bouncing booty

and swinging ankle bells

We ride deep

We ride full

We ride high

We ride low

We ride “Tuff” and never ending

We ride deep

We ride Black and deep

We ride black

We ride black

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Sweet Symphony

key of love 2000

It is an anthology of soul-loving Black Folk

Giving and receiving of spirit

Bestowing Gods blessings

Breathing in love

Tasting Sweetness

Bottom to top loving

Shiny and Nappy

Smooth and Course

Loving our way

Redeeming and revolting

Sista’s speaking in tongues and Brotha’s seeing visions

Black Folk soul loving

Empowering and inspiring

OO’S and AH’S

Top to Bottom Loving

Slow and Speedy




Big thighs little thighs

Small Breast Full Figured

Hairy Chest

Baby Soft Backs

“The BUTT Bodacious”

Grooving, B-Bopping, Singing, and Church humming

Sweet Symphony

Halleluiah, Thank Ya, Asante Sana and OH God

Oh Yes, Yebo


Gods Spell to the fullest

Loving deeper than deep

Way past skin and bones










A Sweet Symphony of

Angels Singing

Deities Whispering

Ancestors praying

God Clapping

Birds Humming

Trees Whistling

Water Dripping

Earth Shaking

The Universe honoring Black-folk loving

A sweet symphony

Coming together in the way that only we know how

Coming together with the purpose of revolution

Coming together for the purpose of nation building

Coming together because our Ancestors told us to

Coming together because some other folk think that we can’t

Coming together because that’s what creator blessed us to do.

Come on and do it, do it, do it, Do it to you’re satisfied

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The Blue Lady


Shh… (she whispered)

With a lick of her indigo lips and a slight swivel of hip…she blessed me.

With her pinkie finger she anointed my forehead with golden honey.

With her whole hands she scooped Shea butter from a yellow calabash and oiled my body from a small jar,

then she covered my shiny skin with cinnamon dust

and dabbled cherry juice into my navel and goats milk behind my ears

She took a honeysuckle vine and braided it into my hair and laced cowery shells around my waist.

She kissed my feet and painted them with vanilla syrup

Never speaking, never uttering, she pointed to the ground which showed a peacock feathered path

that I was to follow..

Naked and alone, scented and damp, I walked along the path, passing through trees, and sticky

pines, walking up rock and through muddy ditches. Stumbling and sometimes falling, but steady on the path that she laid just me.

With no sounds, no rustling of leaves, no birds flying, just complete silence, and me.

I walked, and walked, hours on top of hours, naked and sweaty, sticky and tired, scratched and bruised;…. I walked…


like that same whisper, she appeared, she smiled, and put her arms around me

she gave me her shoulder to lay my head, and held me close to her as we walked…

we walked over turtle shells, skulls, scales, dirt, and bone.

We walked and walked until we reached a clearing….

The river..

“The river” my mind echoes..

She rushes in, and pulls me along, tugging me into the water,

tired and hurt, I hesitate…

She beckons and I soon follow

Gently she pulled, deeper, and deeper, my legs sink

My toes grasping the bottom of the water Steadly she pulls me. Descending deeper and deeper

immersing into darkness..

Stretching my neck to keep my head above the water, struggling to stay afloat, my arms spinning and flailing;

hopelessly it covers me.

She comes behind me, and pulls me backward, I fall into the water, underneath I stretch, and whirl,

my thighs hit the river bottom, my heals scrape the dirt, in anguish and desperation

I try to pull myself up, with no avail, I fall deeper. I try again, and I still fall deeper.

Afraid, I seek her, I feel for her, I cry out for her, I scream a silent wail….then, through blue, I see her, smiling.

I reach, she takes my hand and lifts me. She pulls me high.

Now, facing me, she kisses me, and washes my eyes, She holds my head close to hers,

then blows wind into my mouth, with her purple-blue hands holding my cheeks, she squeezes and blows; rushing

cool air into my lungs. My chest rises and falls, and she still blows until I am calm.

Gently she grips my shoulders and pushes me again into the water, but this time she is holding

me, she soon lifts me out of the water and pulls me close to her; once again.

With necessary ease she embraces and clutches me, lovingly she takes my hand and leads me out of the river.

As if I were fragile she helps me to sit, while seated she dries me with banana leaves and sheeps wool

With blue-blackened fingertips, she traces my wounds, and feeds warm air on them. Gently she sings. She rocks and holds me dear to her breast. Calm kisses and tear-filled nectar drape my face. I soon drift to sleep.

Like the breeze that flutters a butterfly’s wings, she vanished just as swift as the whisper that brought her.

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