Beast of Belly (a feature story in Bi-polar Skits)

Image Credit: Kev Walker

Beast of Belly..a Burden (Chapter One- Introduction of the Jackal) He howls loud, especially at night..shouting for release. Yelling to be free. Pangs and miserable be heard. “Be still Jackal. I have nothing for you today.” Kicking me with his bent over slate toes..his withering varicose legs; distorted and cadaverous. …

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Colors (Healing from the Blue Lady)


The chimes clanged as I closed the door behind me. A break in the silence I tried to allude. “I should take that thing down” mind commented. The crystal wind-chimes, now dusty.. fogged and gray; mirroring my unbalanced state. “All of this crap” I complain as I survey the room. …

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IT (A Halloween tale for the kiddies)

"The Possession"

Tucked away in the secret realm of the unseen and invisible…”IT” lives.. Deep inside the film of Butterfly wings…IT waits. In between Rhinoceros toes IT creeps Underneath Pot-belly pigs bellies IT sleeps IT eats through the scales of Lizard’s legs and hula hoops in Giraffe’s spots …..from puppy dog’s tails …

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