Image Credit: Butterfly in a Jar by Consel

            Slipped inspiration..slandered in confusion Smothered by the smoke of the fallen. Gone away, never to return..yet burning. Smoldering heart-songs..blackened blue. Torrid and scorched red at my hairline. A blistered memory; branded, raised and identifiable. A blistered memory; painfully etched in my mind and forced …

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Squawk the Crow

Image Credit: David ladmore

Squawk the Crow…Nevermore. It’s after midnight..why are you pecking at my front door?.. Didn’t I not come round more?! Go away Crow your not welcome…anymore! I heard your pickup spinning up and down the street… Wheels viciously turning with rubber burning…in fiery red heat. I heard the phone …

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Beast of Belly (a feature story in Bi-polar Skits)

Image Credit: Kev Walker

Beast of Belly..a Burden (Chapter One- Introduction of the Jackal) He howls loud, especially at night..shouting for release. Yelling to be free. Pangs and miserable be heard. “Be still Jackal. I have nothing for you today.” Kicking me with his bent over slate toes..his withering varicose legs; distorted and cadaverous. …

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Just A Mistake


It was just a mistake..that’s all. Just a simple, common mistake. Confused emotions wrapped in lust. (It’s Okay, really) Your touch didn’t mean anything. Your smell..I hadn’t even noticed. You..saying  “You love me, still”…didn’t mean anything. It was just a Mistake… ——-A Stupid, Pitiful, Mistake.    

The Buffoon, The Jester..The Charlatan

"The Buffoon"   Image Credit: Bruce Nourman

Not even a cast iron spittoon to piss in. No mangled doormat to wipe your filthy boot.. No mutt to befriend you.. No mere worth from any self-proclaimed utterance; dare run free from your lips.. Your infantile ignorance makes you blatantly stupid. No quest for leather back books that mask …

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I strutted, fine, bold and mighty with my jet-black hair tasseling down my back. Tight black latex pants and tall charcoal boots. My favorite leather and lace corset lifted my breast, way too high… In my best “Big Girl” pose…I ordered..”COME HERE!” I fluttered my lashes, perched my lips, and …

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Image Credit: We Hear It.

Deep desperation and longing.. broken glasses and shattered windows.. My heart aches.. but I can’t fix it.. I don’t know how.. ..a pain unlike anything I have ever felt. What heals this? What makes this better? I know time.. but I ain’t got time.. now. What heals this NOW? Can …

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Image Credit: Captain America cover photo

  Ready…am I? He said.. “I can right all the wrongs.. that “The Last One” did. I can make it right. I can kiss the spots that “The Last One” forgot and find the ones that “The Last One” didn’t know you had.” “I can right all the wrongs. I’ll …

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Two Faced

Image Credit: Unknown

I see me bright, though I never shine. I see me glowing high like stars, but only in daylight. I see me luminous, black-blue skin, and red fiery hair. Radiant cheeks and shimmer lip. My nipples twinkle in the air.. I see me gleam, hued in greatness, Brilliant I am… …

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