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I had this dream last night about the cartoon “Chowder” I dreamt that Me, Chowder, Mung Daal, and the goofy one (Rada Rada)- Shinitzel were lost in a Parallel Universe with these translucent floaty aliens. We were running through the cartoon streets, desperately trying to escape these creatures. We ran until we came to what we thought was the “Kitchen” and assumed that we made it safely home. But, NO! Remember, we are in a Parallel Universe so everything looks like well, hell Everything.

Anyway, I (of-course) had this strong desire to bake Peach Cobbler (yummy). Well, right when I was going to put the pies in the oven the Translucently Thingy’s appeared! They surrounded us in the kitchen. Chowder was screaming and crying because he wouldn’t be able to eat the pies. Mung Daal was pleading for his life, and Shinitzel was just humming “Rada Rada”..almost like a low buzz. Entranced, I took one of the unbaked pies and threw it toward the beings. It floated through them and into a magical elevator that suddenly appeared… “Rada Rada”… At once we all leaped toward the elevator, we stopped, dropped, and rolled and kind of positioned ourselves in what looked like a “Charlie’s Angels” pose… Instantly, The pie gracefully landed in my outstretched hand then the elevator door closed. The end.

Weird right? I’m thinking it has to mean, Penis Envy.. What else. That Shinitzel (Rada Rada) looks just like one. Or maybe I just really want some peach cobbler.

Quite funny


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