I thought that you’d come see about me..by now.

I thought that you’d be thinking about me..by now.

Maybe you’re just too busy for me..right now.

but…I thought that you’d come see about me..by now.

I know it’s been hard loving a woman like me. I know that I ain’t make it easy.

I know that I’m the one to blame. I told you I didn’t love you when I did. I pushed you away, even though I wanted you to stay.

But..I thought that You’d come see about me..by now.

Seems..like you should be missing me..by now.

When are you gonna come and see me.

Baby..Baby..(I’m sorry).

Maybe, you found someone who treats you better. Maybe, you got someone who love’s you back. I will understand..but Baby..baby..just come… so you can tell me. I promise that I’ll be sweet.

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