I’m too afraid..(still)

I thought I’d lasso the Moon last-night…just to keep it a little longer.. just to hold on to the dream a bit tighter, but Sun interrupted my sleep and forced itself upon me…

Now, daylight shines much too bright, and the secret of missing (YOU) is out.


My pillow is still fluffed. Sheet still folded. A neat bed, as if untouched.  But, here..I sit. Heavy. Visible. Still.

Perfect curls, willowy gown, still..glossed lips.

In night..The Moon lets me dream.  You hold and rock me.  On Mountaintops we sit, we laugh, we kick up dust. We kiss, we love. I release. I smile. I’m me.

But..when Sun comes..so does the truth…  I’m (still) too afraid to love (YOU), and even more afraid of (YOU) loving me.

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I am who I am, simply.

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