Image Credit: Priya

Image Credit: Priya

SO, I’m trying to bring “IT” back. (I  just got too)

I’m trying to resurrect “IT

I’m trying to recover “IT

Last night; on peony pink paper, I wrote only of Love’s Glow.

I affirmed all of what I knew of “IT
I admitted all of what I know of  “IT” and me…

I inked what I missed. In curvy lines and coils, waves, and dark written twists..I drew “IT

I remembered “IT’S” touch, it’s smell, IT’S feel.

I envisioned IT’S tenderness, IT’S honesty, IT’S purity.

So, I’m trying to bring “IT” back. My own “Be-love-ed” …that’s what I’m resurrecting.

I’m bringing “IT” back. I’m asking of the dirt..to release “IT” to reveal itself and come forth. To come out. To come down and up. To come in.

Only “IT” will I wait for. Only “IT” will I dance too, clap too, rise too and fall too.

I’m only reading “IT
I’m only watching “IT
I’m only listening to “IT

Only the sweet, silky, lush, clear, smooth, pink, passionate, whole, pure, blessed, giving, righteous, serene, open, flow of “IT” …..is all I need.

IT” is all I want.

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I am who I am, simply.

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