Today, my 9-year-old daughter came to me with a letter that she made of notebook paper. She folded the paper 3 times and stapled it in four corners until she made an envelope. In the left hand corner she made a picture of a stamp that had an arrow and stars on it. She addressed her envelope as “OUTERSPACE” P.O. BOX 000000 EVERYWHERE. On the back of her envelope you wrote in big, bold faced words. “KEEP, DON’T SEND BACK!

“Mommy, can you mail this for me?”

Of course, I asked my daughter what “the letter” was about. She responded by saying that she wanted to mail a letter to outer space because she knew that it would be heard. She said that she “told  OUTERSPACE that she wanted a new scooter, a puppy, $100,000.000 for her whole family, wings because she always wanted to fly, and she wanted everyone in the world to be nice to each other.”

Teary eyed, I watched my daughter. She wore this contagious glow upon her face and she beamed; “Mommy, I know I’m gonna get it, I know I’m gonna get it!”

Is it really that simple? Just how realistic is it to turn our dreams into something when they derived from nothing? Is it possible to create tangible realities from imagination? My daughter seems to think that it is. I too, used to believe that as a child. I can remember using piles of pillows for my Castle, a bed sheet for the most beautiful gown, and a shoestring for a crown. I can remember creating sidewalk masterpieces out of mud, rocks, and any little twig that I could find. I remember having the world at my beck and call and anytime I called “it” answered. The universe was open and receptive to me and “all” of my thoughts. I never doubted that what I wanted wouldn’t come true, I ‘KNEW” it would. With unwavering faith I wished and wished and the universe granted and granted.

I took my daughter’s letter and decided to add something to it of my own. On a heart-shaped sticky pad I wrote; “Gratitude, Abundance, Happiness, Acceptance, Humility, Peace, and Love. That’s all I ask.” I took the note and her letter and placed it in a business envelope with 4 stamps. I addressed it “OUTERSPACE” P.O. BOX 000000 EVERYWHERE. On the back of the envelope I put in boldface letters “KEEP! PLEASE DON’T SEND BACK…..THIS IS A LITTLE GIRL’S WISH!”

P.S. If our letter should happen to find you, Please don’t send back, just pass it on.

Namaste. Mantra.

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