Look at love..

Just look..look at…look at it here..

Ya, see what I got?! Ya, see it? Look…Look right here (I turn my face, showing the invisible mark about an inch above my chin, left of my jaw, gently right of my cheek) Do ya see it?

I point to it with a quick finger. It’s right here. Look… Look… Look at the


on my face.

With joy and a shiny glimmer in my eye, I tell the story…

“I went to bed about 9:00; just as I normally do. I read my affirmation, said my prayer, turned down the bed; just as I do every night. I slept solemnly through the night. I woke. Went to the bathroom. Looked in the mirror…and that’s when I saw it!” R-ight here! just an inch above my chin, left of my jaw and gently right of my cheek, it’s here…”

I wasn’t even expecting it. Actually, I thought it would take much longer to appear. I thought I was still in repair. I thought I was slightly damaged; a hint broken.

But, then without word or preparation.. “It” appeared.

Look. Look! Look at the love on MY face.

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I am who I am, simply.

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