Memphis Magdalene

Memphis Magdalene; a strip club owner’s profitable dream.

Endorsed by the bottle companies  that she hugs in-between her thighs..

Dirty Green paper dazzling like snow flakes..fall all around her..

A thorned halo, broken and twisted around her head…caught and kept by her matted white wig.

The corners of her eyes blackened and smeared by charcoal  mascara, blending perfectly with her loosed expressionist glare.

Gray,  plastic crucifix circles her neck…at each twirl..causing red streaks to bless her collarbone.

Her thin arms constrict and contort, winding uncomfortably around the pole..

..with legs spread outstretched in midair…Memphis Magdalene drops her milky-white robe on the spit-shined floor…

displaying not a blemish…not a mole..or mark.  Pure. Flawless. Holy, silk-skin; on top of protruding bone…

ribs hover over her empty belly…soft navel and subtle hip, rosy nipples and clear, full breast…

naked she spins…beautiful and graceful

Feared and Wanted

Captive and Taken

Strong and Weak

Polished and perfect….

Memphis Magdalene..immaculate, pristine, and untarnished skin covered her whole.. but filthy and sick was her soul.

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I am who I am, simply.

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  1. Sensational info. I look forward to seeing more.

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