Mindfulness in the Coffee Shop

I solemnly sat, with caramel latte..steaming about my nostrils. In my favorite corner of the coffee shop. Thich Nhat Hanh‘s words slip from the pages into my thoughts. I breathe..Simple Mindfulness… I need to be more peaceful…more Buddha..

The bells chime as the door opens.

Quickly she enters, her arms swinging fast behind her. In intense conversation on her cell phone.  Yelling, and Ranting..  “I don’t have time for this..either your going to do it or not!  That’s it.  So do it or not!”  Then roughly ending the call..

“I want a Venti Mocha Frappe with an extra shot of espresso and  heavy cream!” (Not even looking at the clerk.)  She glances around at all the patrons watching her.  “What?!” she amusingly asks and haunches her shoulders as to say “Whatever”.. She looks my way..and I can’t help but snicker.

Here I am trying to stay calm..and she’s releasing out on everything that comes her way.

She slightly smiles at me..then turns to wait for her coffee.

I close my book.

Pull myself up from my chair.

Grab my coffee.

Then march right up to her (handing her the book).. “Here..this may help you more than it’s helped me.  I think you need it more than me..anyway”. Sarcastically, smiling.

Thankfully, she didn’t slap me.

She graciously accepted my offer.

I flipped my hair..and skipped out the door.  I guess I did my good deed for the year..

Now..let’s see how “Goody Goody” I am, when I confront this jerk about the money he owes me.


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I am who I am, simply.

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