Wide-Armed and Stretched.

Colorful and bright.

I stand tall on my toes tips…bending from my lower back.

My neck is tight and chin pointed high.  My hair kisses my shoulder blades.

Wide-Armed and Stretched

I reach

My body nude and erect. Free and loose.

My thighs strong and the veins in my feet pronounced.

I lift

Wide-Armed and Stretched

High and open

My dark eyes are colorful

My cheeks are plump

My smile… so smooth

Wide-Armed and Stretched

I curve and flutter…Graceful and Free

…..Showcasing every speckle, every hidden hair of feather,

all hues glistened and lit, luminous and vibrant,

every wing of me..

vivid and beaming..

all for You to see.



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I am who I am, simply.

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