Poker Face (Experiment) not yet finished..(insomnia rant)

Poker face..getting ready for a party.

nothing but goodies behind her back..dimple cheeked fat kneed girl.  Long lashes playfully blink, a fat hand she fans which faces toward her breast. ..

In her seat she gleefully kicks, scraping her heels in the already worn scratches of the hardwood floor.

“Come on man!! Hurry up and play.” She laughs.  “You might as well fold.  You know I won!”

He ignores her, biting his lower lip.

Impatiently she squirms, and spins in her seat.  Tossing her hair back behind her, and leaning as far back in the seat as possible.  Her neck winding as she circles. Side-eye glances..and sneaky snickers.

“Come on man..your down to your shorts..” she giggles..and peeks under the table. “Just fold already!”

He shyly..laughs.  “Nope.  I’m not haven’t won yet.”

She smiles..and makes a noticeable glance under the table.  Cracking up now.. “Really?  I’m still fully dressed!” with her arms stretched out and a slow twirl in the chair.

He frowns and twists his lips..but she’s so silly, he can’t help but laugh.  “Very Funny..ha. ha.”.

Anxiously, she spins again.  Waving the cards around.  “You see em..You see em..” playing.. “I got cha…I got cha.” hysterically laughing.

“No. What I see is that’ve had too much juice”.


Alright..I quit.  You win.

Really?”  What do I win..hee hee.

He slaps his chest..You win all of this..




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