Wild As I Am

Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar, Model Naomi Campbell

Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar, Model Naomi Campbell

Gold Dipped

Diamond Dazzled

Jet Eye

Ebony Lash

Black Curled, Coiled, Thick Forested Hair

Sunset Nipple

Moonlit Rib

Twilight Thigh

……………………..Oh..As Wild As I am.

Hyena Laugh

Lioness gait

Butterfly Flirt

Willow Tree Sway

…………………………. Wild As I Am.

Bare Footed, Wide Open, and Spotted Red

Flamingo Dancing Underneath Black Sky.


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Let’s Eat Cake

Image Credit: Iheartnaptime.net

Let us eat cake

No dollars in the bank, No coins in the couch cushions, No pennies in the jar and I’m all out of ideas..

The mortgage is late and the fridge is empty; No meat, cheese, nor bread.
No liquor in the cabinet, No pills in the drawer, and No hidden stashes.

No gas in the car, and even if there were, there’s No money to go anywhere

The silver is tarnished and can’t be polished… and we sold all that we could sell.                   The phones are ringing and the mailman has a job…so (he) won’t quit

The laundry basket is overflowing and there’s No laundry detergent, No dish liquid, and No soap…

SO..there’s No undies, No socks, No shirts, and No pants                                                          Just Bare backs and bare bottoms..

Bare Feet and Bare Breasts,

Bare Faces and Bared of Ego

Bare to the essential..

Naked, unbiased, unprejudiced, simple and free, and honestly choiceless.

But, there’s YOU…

…and ME

and WE can make CAKE.

Let’s eat cake :-) It truly is the sweetest and the most fulfilling part of life.


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Image Credit: Butterfly in a Jar by Consel

Image Credit: Butterfly in a Jar by Consel






Slipped inspiration..slandered in confusion

Smothered by the smoke of the fallen.

Gone away, never to return..yet burning. Smoldering heart-songs..blackened blue.

Torrid and scorched red at my hairline.

A blistered memory; branded, raised and identifiable.

A blistered memory; painfully etched in my mind and forced to never be forgotten.



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The Mountaintop

themountaintopLife doesn’t have to be grimy.

Life doesn’t have to be tumultuous and hard. Yes, it is filled with sometimes psychotic adventures and rough terrains. Sometimes there are rocky roads and troublesome mountains to climb. But, who said (you) had to ever come down from the Mountain?

Who told (YOU) that you had to continue Machete cutting through weeds? Especially, when there’s a smooth, paved out path to the right of you.

Sometimes, we hold on to pain just to have a story to tell (or write). We testify and boast of heroic tales that never seem to end. But, (let’s get real; if only for a moment) pain was never meant to last. It’s only for us to pay attention to what ails us. Pain is the important message carrier and the signal in our lives, that it’s “TIME”. It puts us into motion. When we are in pain..we do something about it.  But, when it’s over..don’t bring it back. When your healed..Don’t pick the skin to reopen old wounds.

Once your done..be done. Be out, and stay out. Be up and stay up!  The only one that controls chaos in our lives is (US).

  See you at the Mountaintop :-)


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One Billion Rising






Reposted from the One Billion Rising website….

About One Billion Rising




On V-Day’s 15th Anniversary, 2.14.13, we are inviting ONE BILLION women and those who love them to WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to this violence. ONE BILLION RISING will move the earth, activating women and men across every country. V-Day wants the world to see our collective strength, our numbers, our solidarity across borders.

What does ONE BILLION look like? On February 14th, 2013, it will look like a REVOLUTION.


A global strike
An invitation to dance
A call to men and women to refuse to participate in the status quo until rape and rape culture ends
An act of solidarity, demonstrating to women the commonality of their struggles and their power in numbers
A refusal to accept violence against women and girls as a given
A new time and a new way of being



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Spacing Out

Where were you just now?


…I was on a satirical sabbatical..

…Floating on a hopes hustle..

…Tiptoeing on the pebbles of Buddha

…I was in the middle of a tyrannical tirade; a typical eyebrow tantrum

…Picking up the stairs on the way up to heaven..(didn’t want any unwelcome visitors)

…I was talking to Jack about where he got those magic beans..

…I was helping Alexandre Dumas finish his last book..

…Laying on a T-Rex

…Babysitting my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Aunt’s Cousins Sister’s baby

Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker (Photo credit: thefoxling)

…In Uncle Tom’s Cabin…Sliding down the red stripes of a candy cane

…Braiding Pocahontas‘s hair

…Planting more Sumatran Tigers in the garden..”You know there almost extinct..right?”

…I went to go see the Queen about all those taxes she was proposing, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t on the list

….Josephine Baker was teaching me how to sew.

…Sitting on a curb at the  corner of 1st and Amistad, looking for God.

<FINAL Answer> I guess I don’t know where I was..because I thought I was with you?

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Just Do It!

Sometimes it’s okay to “Free Fall”…

Free Falling into invisible possibilities is called “FAITH”.

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My Best Day


My best day

Striped socks and stilettos

My Best Day…Chipped Nails, A good Push-up, Striped Socks, Stilettos, an almost empty energy drink, and The Black Key’s fingering my ear lobes…




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Image Credit: Unknown

Scrambling to get out…

Fine hair stands on end at my neck..  (straight, curved, jilted and edged…spaced… crowded, bold and exclaimed

lost before caught. Empty thought… fragmented lines.. incomplete

lost sentences, black-outs and white-outs

anxious and excited

speechless and loud

from cerebral hemispheres, to spine..to shoulders, to arms, elbows, wrist then fingers..Point. Type, stamp, click, tap, WRITE.

The words..

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Silly Little Fishy

Image Credit: Mikael Damkier

Fish Out Of Water

Silly Little Fishy

Out the tank you leaped..ignorant and deaf
buck eyed and free

Thirsty for more..bigger, deeper, seas.

Hungry for what you “thought” was on the other-side of the glass

Silly Little Fishy

“The lake has dried up..there’s no water here and the oxygen isn’t that good either.

I watch as you gasp and flap.  The shine of your scales begin to fade….open and
close your gills blow…

Dammit!..Little fishy! I told you that the lake dried up. There’s no fresh water here!”

I scoop you fast, and drop quickly into the tank.  Shyly, and breathlessly you thank me. We both laugh at your foolishness.

Silly Little Fishy..Don’t cha’ know that Big Cats like me… Eat little fish like you. You may wanna stay in your tank.



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Perfectly Flawed.

Image Credit: Masque Hysteria

Image Credit: Masque Hysteria

Yesterday..I cried.

I cried and hadn’t cried in a while. I cried… because I realized that I cared more for you than I thought.

I cried because I wanted all that you offered but knew that my constant rejection was pushing you away

I cried because I knew that (this time) I pushed you too far…this time.

Yesterday, I shed tears not for me..but the tears that you may have shed because of the the pain that I have caused.

I cried (yesterday) because of what I felt I had lost..what we could have had..what will never be..only because of ME..and MY insecurities.

I cried because I realized that you are what I want..even though I haven’t showed it.  You are what I need although I never told you..`

I cried because I knew I messed up.


Today, I smile..because YOU know. You have always known..and you love me enough to wait.

You said..”You are Perfectly Flawed, my dear. You’re worth it .”

I guess I am pretty special“..

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Candy Cane Jane’s

Image Credit: Black Girls Inked

Image Credit: Black Girls Inked

Sweet Candy Cane…blue-banged Jane

Peppermint Patty‘s saucy grin..high chin.. Silver-Pricked Bright Poinsettia Lip

Roman Numerals tattooed from her shoulder down to her hip.

Course knuckles and studded wrist

Her Pin-up way more resonating then the “70’s Black Power Fist”

Pierced how SHE likes.

Dressed how SHE likes.

Colored how SHE likes.

Not, the norm but far from unusual. Outward Alter-Ego, No Mirrors to hide behind, It is what (it) is..from HEAD to TOE.

It’s Not a Coverup nor a MASK …just pleasurable adornment….of anyway SHE see’s fit

Fishnets, Platform Pumps, and Leather Corsets

Hooded Velvet Capes, Combat Boots, and Hair shaved at the nape.

Bright Stars and Stripes, Purple, Red, and Hair Highlighted White..

Contrasted on Jet Black skin, with Heavy liner and Gloss

Or Pale Light skin, Dark hair with skulls and bones crisscrossed

Still, a Priceless Cutie and a Holy Alternative to the Worlds false misconception of beauty

She ain’t average and she’s not… NO Punk.. Steamed, Afro-fried, or Inked, Altered, Goth, or Dark…NO defining her or Purposely Posed Pics in any Encyclopedia..

Reveled Deep within her soul’s scheme..She CHOSE to be rejected from the typical Beauty Queen Scene..”That’s their ideal..not mine… I got my own dreams”

Dark Gothic Goddess

A walking bold printed political poster…

with nothing but the Truth in her latex holster.





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