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Black nails..scrape; striping your forearm, I watch streaks fade from Scarlet to Blue.  Tinted Purple fingerprints mimic my grip. Facing you..Green eye to Brown. Wide, Kohl lashes flicker fast.  Moist Crimson lips..twist between White teeth nibbling Pink…creating warm Fuchsia. Tightly pulling Ivory. Wrestling Magenta. Grabbing Beige. Tugging Yellow. Yanking Burgundy. …

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“E” B Jamming!

Image Credit: Brownsburg High School Athletics

It ain’t too hard..It ain’t too hard for me to JAM! Michael Jackson [youtuber youtube=’’]   Across The Court..he shoots…”Swish”. The rubber of his shoes squeak as they frisk along the gym floor… never leaving a scuff. Gliding and Moon-walking..  (Jamming) His nylon pants mimic each breezy gesture..back and forth …

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Wild As I Am

Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar, Model Naomi Campbell

Gold Dipped Diamond Dazzled Jet Eye Ebony Lash Black Curled, Coiled, Thick Forested Hair Sunset Nipple Moonlit Rib Twilight Thigh ……………………..Oh..As Wild As I am. Hyena Laugh Lioness gait Butterfly Flirt Willow Tree Sway …………………………. Wild As I Am. Bare Footed, Wide Open, and Spotted Red Flamingo Dancing Underneath Black …

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Let’s Eat Cake


No dollars in the bank, No coins in the couch cushions, No pennies in the jar and I’m all out of ideas.. The mortgage is late and the fridge is empty; No meat, cheese, nor bread. No liquor in the cabinet, No pills in the drawer, and No hidden stashes. …

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Image Credit: Butterfly in a Jar by Consel

            Slipped inspiration..slandered in confusion Smothered by the smoke of the fallen. Gone away, never to return..yet burning. Smoldering heart-songs..blackened blue. Torrid and scorched red at my hairline. A blistered memory; branded, raised and identifiable. A blistered memory; painfully etched in my mind and forced …

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The Mountaintop

Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Life doesn’t have to be grimy. Life doesn’t have to be tumultuous and hard. Yes, it is filled with sometimes psychotic adventures and rough terrains. Sometimes there are rocky roads and troublesome mountains to climb. But, who said (you) had to ever come down from the Mountain? Who told (YOU) …

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One Billion Rising


        [youtuber youtube=’’] Reposted from the One Billion Rising website…. About One Billion Rising ONE IN THREE WOMEN ON THE PLANET WILL BE RAPED OR BEATEN IN HER LIFETIME. ONE BILLION WOMEN VIOLATED IS AN ATROCITY ONE BILLION WOMEN DANCING IS A REVOLUTION On V-Day’s 15th Anniversary, …

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Spacing Out

Image Credit: unknown

“Where were you just now?” “Umm”.. …I was on a satirical sabbatical.. …Floating on a hopes hustle.. …Tiptoeing on the pebbles of Buddha …I was in the middle of a tyrannical tirade; a typical eyebrow tantrum …Picking up the stairs on the way up to heaven..(didn’t want any unwelcome visitors) …

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Just Do It!

Image Credit: Spreadshirt

Sometimes it’s okay to “Free Fall”… Free Falling into invisible possibilities is called “FAITH”. Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2013Some Rights ReservedOriginal content here is published under these license terms: X License Type:Non-commercial, Attribution, Share AlikeLicense Summary:You may copy this content, create derivative work from it, and re-publish it for non-commercial purposes, provided you include an overt …

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My Best Day


My best day

Striped socks and stilettos

My Best Day…Chipped Nails, A good Push-up, Striped Socks, Stilettos, an almost empty energy drink, and The Black Key’s fingering my ear lobes…


[youtuber youtube=’’]



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