Candy Cane Jane’s

Image Credit: Black Girls Inked

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Sweet Candy Cane…blue-banged Jane Peppermint Patty‘s saucy grin..high chin.. Silver-Pricked Bright Poinsettia Lip Roman Numerals tattooed from her shoulder down to her hip. Course knuckles and studded wrist Her Pin-up way more resonating then the “70’s Black Power Fist” Pierced how SHE likes. Dressed how SHE likes. Colored how SHE …

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Push UP

Image Credit: Unknown

          Push Up.. Muscles flex and waiver Chin down, head lift. Steady. Hold. Fingers Stuck. Elbows in. Back straight. Wrists strong. Drop Chin to the ground. Breathe. Push up. Up! Hold. Steady. Toes stuck. Arms firm. Shoulders strong Stomach tight Bottom in. Hold it. Hold …

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Red Robin

red robin

Red…Red Robin…why won’t you come on over and play with me? Red…Red Robin…why won’t you please come over and play with me? The Hawk is long gone. The Cat’s are sleeping. The Mice are hiding. Oh..please..Pretty Please. Red Robbin..will you come and play today. I promise you won’t have to …

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Visiting the Stone.

It’s fascinating how the mind keeps track of pain that the body and conscious swears that it doesn’t recollect. (Missing you PaPa) But, I’m getting better. Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2012Some Rights ReservedOriginal content here is published under these license terms: X License Type:Non-commercial, Attribution, Share AlikeLicense Summary:You may copy this content, create derivative work from …

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Night Navigator

"Concorde" subway station by night @ Paris

            Night train.. rolling over hills, and drifts, winding roads..and worn metal. 11:16 pm. Take the Eastbound train. Exit at Stadium Subway. Head West to 4th street. Pass the Ball Park, 2 blocks ahead, on the other side of the highway. Down the Street. Around the corner. …

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Squawk the Crow

Image Credit: David ladmore

Squawk the Crow…Nevermore. It’s after midnight..why are you pecking at my front door?.. Didn’t I not come round more?! Go away Crow your not welcome…anymore! I heard your pickup spinning up and down the street… Wheels viciously turning with rubber burning…in fiery red heat. I heard the phone …

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Bending without Breaking-The house that Jess Built

Image Credit: free source; Itunes Skins and wallpaper

  [mantra-pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”33%”]   Sometimes the Universe can do unexplainable and incomprehensible things to our lives. Natural Disasters like Hurricanes, Tornadoes, or Earthquakes unexpectedly erupt and suddenly we are left dazed and confused. We’re lifted and twisted, turned and sometimes torn. Some of us are uprooted and lost. …

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