New Art

"I got ya Goldie"

This is a snippet of my latest project. Mannequin Art!!!!

The collection consists of miscellaneous items: stones, trash cans..etc. Whatever I can brand the design on.

Family Portrait

Painting Mannequin Makeover

The paintings were painted over existing pictures., So I guess you can say that it’s sort of (Green Art). I used old/unwanted frames and pictures that I had around the house or purchased from thrift stores, garage sells, etc. and painted over them. (Neat right?)

Examples of Old Paintings

Examples of Old Paintings


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The Lie

"Lie To Me"


"Lie To Me"

Image Credit: Ian Leino









Please…just let me be tonight..

Whatever my offense..hold me fault tomorrow .  I need my rest tonight.  Please
Consciousness shakes my sleep. Truth slaps my cheek..yet at your forehead I lay close.

Face to face…

we got lost

in the fallacy of who we wanted to be..

never to face the reality of who we truly were.

Time caught  us

Time tripped us

we slipped.. we forgot…

Not able to distinguish The Lie from The TRUTH

until The Truth found us.

(your truth first)

You call… I answer…The Truth. Cowardly available.

It Never mattered who you were..(I never cared)…I was content on the long as I never had to confess it.

These wicked escapades…
I trifle..I bore..I explode
I like… (I think)

Tangible and Colorful. Spontaneous and Adventurous.

But…somehow the sweet just isn’t sweet enough.  Your medicine doesn’t fix…and The Lie can no longer hold me.



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My Sister says that she doesn’t like poetry.  She said that Poetry is boring and makes her fall asleep.

What?! How can you not like poetry?

Poetry.. (come on now) POETRY?!

It’s a dance…kinda like ballet, one step and two steps, plies, pirouettes..

It’s calculated and intelligent like the game of Chest

It’s A rhythm..

…A flow

… a vision.

It’s a Float on a high pitch or a Swing on a low note

A Groove

A Kiss Up …a Brush Off…talk to the hand turn my back were through; (a Goodbye letter to you)

It’s an inside scoop

How can you not like poetry?  Come on sis? …

it’s a Power Fist…a Karate Kick

a Rebellion.. a Political Secret Society

It’s the beauty of  words…



Verbal Illustrations


A Soliloquy

A Sonata

Adjectives and Expletives

A Story

An Illicit Lyrical Photograph

A Telephone Conversation

A Parable

A Redemption

A Comeback


It’s An Artist’s Masterpiece

The Actors Script

The Drummers Beat

A Crickets Call

It’s in and out of fashion

Yeah, It’s  cool  for the Cool Cats that are Cool Now


It’s LIFE for the Visionary’s, the Revolutionary’s,  Luminary’s, and Activists of yesterday, today, and forever.

It’s the Uppity Stiffs with the tight ties,  the long flowing ruffled skirts with bare toes peeking beneath, the scarf wearing, laptop toting and Dashiki Dawners.

It’s a tale within a tale

A tale of Phyllis Wheatley being the first published African-American Woman poet

A light up..A Blast..It’s Rap!    It’s “Thinkin’ of a master plan / Ain’t nothing but sweat inside my hand” – Eric B. And Rakim

Gill Scott Heron? The “Godfather of Rap“..His Loud Un- televised  Revolution?

When Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. said “I have been to the Mountaintop.. (his last speech) THAT WAS POETRY!

Sonia Sanchez

EE Cummings

HARK the Raven Nevermore, by Edgar Allen Poe

I know Why the Caged Bird Sings, by Maya Angelou

and even the signature of David A.N. Jackson…   Always signed “I am sincerely (squiggly mark) David A.N. Jackson”

Come on now!!! Poetry?   It’s one word movements on plain white cardboard signs…  (Change)  C.H.A.N.G.E. Did it not rock the world.  Obama!! Obama!! (Change)

It’s Motivation and Inspiration…  A Smile..A Kiss..A Spanking..A Birth..A death

Poetry.. Poetry?!  How can you not like poetry?


(For me it’s the milk in my cereal)..The Commercials of my life..what wakes me up at night..what keeps me sleep and dreaming all day long.



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The Puppeteer


He wants me to be his conquest. His concubine, his “thing”.

He wants to control me. To own me. To make me dance.

He tugs and pulls, lifts and dangles, smiling as I jingle.

Left arm up, right foot out, now smile.
You like that? Nod your head..
Move this way, now move that way…dance girl, dance.

Doe eyed, I watch him. Intrigued by his ego. Entertained by his audacity and tenacity. What a funny character he is.

Snickering with my fingers to my lips..I walk away in midair.

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Not Yet


I’ve been waiting on a love song to sing to me.

I’ve been waiting on a love song to speak to me.

A kind melody to dance with me. A lullaby to soothe me.

A love song to rekindle love-memories.

The radio refuses to play what I need and my CD’s don’t work for me.

There are no melody makers strumming on my street.

No Mexican Serenade under my window. No Scott Joplin‘s Solace whispers to me.
I’ve been waiting for a love song to sing to play for croon just for me.

But, I think that the song that “I” need hasn’t been written, yet.

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Broken Promises

Image Credit: Herr Fous

Image Credit: Tenth Amendment Center

I never asked you to love me. But, you insisted..

You promised that you would be different. That you would love me unconditionally and not want anything in return. That your love would be so powerful that I wouldn’t be able to refuse..

For a moment, I actually thought you had me. Gradually, I heated and accepted you slightly. I allowed you to stay longer hours, I saw you more times I even missed you.

Your love.. so beautiful but too unrecognizable for me..

I owe you no apologies, honesty never left me.. I have always been truthful with you. I warned you that I would vanish when love grew too complicated. I told you that I couldn’t be trusted to love you back.

I fought your fight too, but evil always prevails in my life.

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My Purple Hue

Image Credit: The Color Purple

Image Credit: The Color Purple


Luscious, fruitful, duel animation, duality in time, sleek design, lotus wings

blossoming in moonlight, blue-berry rasp, cotton candy dazzle, tender clasp, strong grasp,

hypnotizing linger, beloved bellow, delicate butterfly, treasured piece, My PURPLE HUE. Lasting

love, continuous flow, sacred heaven, wide eyed temple, spiritual hymn, glistening drip, magic

touch, whistling blow, pebbled kiss, violet dance, harmony bling, transcendental Shiva,

transatlantic connect,


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The Quilt

Kristin Miller quilt the Mind’s Eye

Last Night, I sewed a Quilt for you

Last Night, I stitched over 360 patterns for you

Last Night, I needled in and out for you, out and in for you


Last night I sewed a quilt for you

I mixed Yellow in with White, Green with Blue, I added

Purple to Orange, Brown to Beige and Gold to Silver too.


Last Night I weaved Love into Pain

I threaded Tomorrow into Today and Truth into Justice

I put the Bees in with the Birds, the Trees with the Clouds

I combined Elephants with Crocodiles, Lions with Rabbits

I put Roses with Lilac, Hyssop with Juniper

Cinnamon in with Vanilla, and Honey with Seaweed

I sprinkled Salt with a dabble of Coconut Milk


Last Night I braided my Glass Pots in with my Ceramic Jars

I took Crystal and put it with Rock, I took a Wood Panel from my Floor and Cotton

Curtains from the window, I took a Lock of my Hair

and twisted it with an Aunk from a Bracelet

I took those Old Pictures of Your Mother and joined them

with My Grandfathers War Photos


Last Night, I sewed a quilt for you

I knitted Kidneys with Hearts, Tongues with Toes, Pericardium

with Gallbladder, Uterus with Pineal Gland, Liver with Spine

Lung with Large Intestine, Legs with Hands, Knuckles with Earlobe’s,

Eyes with Mouth and Spirit with Soul


Last Night I sewed a quilt for you

…and once I finished I wrapped it around my body

to collect all of the juices of my labor

With admiration and love I folded, and pressed, rolled and packed

With a lick from my lips and a Star Shaped Kiss,

I laced it with Honeysuckle Vine and tied it with a Butterfly Bow

And gently, very delicately I tucked it in our sacred place…..


That quite comforting place at the left side of my right pupil

That small dark spot that you always seem to acknowledge,

I placed the quilt there


And that way I’ll always keep the love that I have for you safe and treasured

…Never to be stolen, never to be taken or given away

And in that way, every time you look into my eyes you’ll know the depth of my love,
the seas of my being, the heart of my existence…

and you will Never, Never Forget who I am.

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Love Me Right

Image credit: Michael D. Harris

I got rivers flowing through my breast….

Ancient rivers that Griots tell stories about…
that babies suckle from
that tiny toes dance through
that Monks bow to

I got rivers flowing through my breast

Elephant trunks sip from
Grandmothers bathe in
Grandfathers are baptized in

Love me right

I got a cowrie-shelled belly that houses the Sun….that awakens to the Moon.

Fruits and vegetables are born in
Blue-black slaves hide in
Lost souls rest in
My children played in
Love my Belly, love my Belly…

Love me right

Hear my voice..
Listen, it does have something to say.

It sings, It laughs loud, It whispers, It sweetly sasses, it delicately scolds
It firmly teaches, it mimics past monarchs, and it sounds like my mother and echoes of my great-grandmother
It floods with the wisdom of my great-grandfather
It blows the gentle love breezes of my father
Words meditate along it’s melody, Mantra’s unite within it’s rhythm…
LOVE my Voice..Love my Voice…

Love me right

I am a dream, a hope, a vision, a blossomed flower, a matured possibility, A destined existence and plentiful crop.

I am your mother, I am your father, I am your brother, I am your sister, I am your son, I am your daughter, I am YOU
I am infused of the ancestors, The thigh of the deities, The root of the trees, The atoms in the air, The ground beneath your feet..

I am Life and Death, I am Spirit and Breath

So… You better…Love me RIGHT!



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Image Credit: Unknown. The Fray lyrics

Never Stop Loving Me

Image Credit: Tyler Shields


Like stepping stones all along the paths to my awakenings

You step lightly with soft toes

Gentle taps
Tender pats

Stepping around me

Sending chills at my lower back

Tickling my belly

Blowing at me


Pacing in circles that surround me

Penetrating without penetration

Stimulating me without any physical stimulation
Making me sweat when it ain’t hot

All around me

All through me

This way and that way

Touching here and pressing there

Feeling me up with words Making me dance when it ain’t no music


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