Ebony Bones


U.K. sensation Ebony Thomas, aka, “Ebony Bones”, is transforming the air waves and fogging up the monitors with her intriguing style. Her sound is a mixture of Afro-punk, rock, and funkadelic. Independently, thrashing down stereotypical brick-walls, she kicks high in her blond Afro and combat boots. An origami rainbow walking, …

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The Puppeteer


He wants me to be his conquest. His concubine, his “thing”. He wants to control me. To own me. To make me dance. He tugs and pulls, lifts and dangles, smiling as I jingle. Left arm up, right foot out, now smile. You like that? Nod your head.. Move this …

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Polka-dot Pillow

Image Credit: Beach Cottage

Bliss tickles my red polish toe The night before ensues on my fingertip; to my lips I delightfully place. Hmm.. the subtle taste of deceit and defeat holds my tongue. No matter, pleasure is all mine, this morning. Entranced with lids closed, my eyes mimic the scene… Moisture thickens, and …

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