Strips of Love (To My Birthday Well-Wishers)

The Envelope of Words

I woke up in the in the spirit of my Mothers…of Way-Makers of Ancestral Grace and Peace.

I woke up in the glow of my Sisters…of Women of Conviction and Spice.

I woke up in the love of my Daughters… of Soul Maidens of Courage and Fire.

I woke up in the dance of my Fathers…of Dignified Warriors of Time and Justice.

I woke up in the praises of my Brothers…of Passionate Watchtowers and Heart Healers.

I woke up in the song of my Sons…of Bugle Blowers of Change and Redeemers of Tomorrow.

I woke up (TODAY) on the heels of my Birthday; the mirror of many births…of many beginnings..with a Glow so bright and resurrecting…that it could only be..



Thanks to all that have touched, guided, showed, held, lifted, taught, wished me well, and loved me.

“I am but a mere..powerful reflection”

I love you in many languages

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