Red Door

Red Door

Breaking, cracking, sinking, sunk.

Dunked, and stuck.

Stagnate and unmovable.

Red Door. Locked. No entry.

Neon green. Bright and effervescent.

Feverish, flailed and flipped

Back door. Enter. Unseen, Uncared, gaped and black.

Unashamed and free


They all scuffle through

A busy highway..the bustling metro…a crowded stairway. Locked and chained.


Crippled and drunk

stiff drinks and creased pants

lipsticks and compacts

short skirts and broken zippers

clean mirrors with foggy reflections

a peek from the corner

Midnight black lash, curled and fluffed

Her eyes, dark lined and smudged

an out-of-place mole, Dangled peacock feather

and fringed waist

a rip of netted stocking and red patent leather shoes

Butterfly Wings flap at shoulders

wet chins

sour lips

and dirty collars

empty pockets

dew dropped glasses

bare floor

silent jukebox

her arm in my sleeve..

vacant stairway, empty metro and deserted highway

One key

Red Door…Open


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IT (A Halloween tale for the kiddies)

"The Possession"

Tucked away in the secret realm of the unseen and invisible…”IT” lives..

Deep inside the film of Butterfly wings…IT waits.

In between Rhinoceros toes IT creeps

Underneath Pot-belly pigs bellies IT sleeps

IT eats through the scales of Lizard’s legs and hula hoops in Giraffe’s spots

…..from puppy dog’s tails IT hangs and swings AND sways

Then, on the night before Halloween… when clouds are thick and gray..IT hitches a ride on the nearest eagles neck

and travels high… through dark skies

Stealthily IT lands at sunrise…

With double-quick speed, IT runs through tall grass then scales up the closest tree….

On a branch, stuck to the back of a beetle, IT clings,

IT rustles the leaves every time a child passes…

They cry out IT’S message: “Tonight, will be the night that I will give you a Terrible, Most Terrible, Fright..”

You pretend that you don’t hear, and hurry on by..a quick chill rushes though your bones; but soon disappears when you think of what is near…

Excitement bustles “Oew.. it’s Halloween!”

As the day passes; IT too is all a flutter, hopping along Rabbits paws, and clapping to the rhythm of Owls hoots…

“It’s almost time, it’s almost time, it’s almost time..” IT caws…and sings.

When the night settles in, IT dances it’s Rooster Dance… “Oew..oo..oo. oo..yea, yea…” clapping its hands ferociously.

“It’s time, it’s time.. It’s time”.

In a flurry IT rushes with haste…. It slithers up your front porch… to the right of the door it stoops… “nah, nah…not right.”IT peeps.

Scurrying to the left of the door, IT droops… (with hand in hand, diabolically twisting) cunningly grinning; IT anticipates…”Nah, nah, not right, either”.. IT hollers.

IT quickly scampers underneath the doormat.. “No!” IT shrieks, “They might step on me, nah, nah, not right”….

“I got it!” IT hisses… Fast. IT slithers up the side of the house, on top of roof; IT perches. In perfect view and reach of the front door, IT lingers….

IT watches….

IT breaths….

IT watches, and breaths, and sweats… and pants…


….the door creaks, the knob turns, light beams onto the porch… You appear in the doorway, decked out in your best costume…

Unaware of whats to come… You…

(IT smiles a smile so broad, that it stretches from each pointy ear to the next… IT leans in…)


You step one foot out…

IT leans further…

You lift the other leg… and down goes the final foot….

IT.. rises… and stretches…and spreads itself wide….with limbs outstretched…and claws erect.. then … IT leaps….




Happy Halloween..




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