Rabbit Hole


I choose to escape from reality today..

I choose to slide head first into the creases of space and time.

I’m choosing to hide behind the corners of the madness..the secret, hidden, invisible corridors, rabbit holes, and tunnels to the center of the earth.

I choose to escape from reality today…

I’m leaving this place..this Hell..

and the idiocy of a dimwit society

the time and placement of  (times) cruel hoax

a life not destined for trivial mediocrity…

but meaningful relations and joyful incursions

I choose to escape from reality

to flee to my own Nirvana…

away from chaotic displays..superficial ego, jealous rants, tyrants and suit dusters.. wicked hand shakes and half closed eye (I don’t want)

Slick fellows and Self absorbed felines.  A black kiss and a dying rose.. (I don’t want)

Poison juices and Rotten fruit (I don’t want)

I’m leaving today..to a place between reality and the fantasy that I know will never exist.


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