Just a moment in time..a lapse of confusion. A break from clarity. Fogged by the daily overwhelming routine of life.

Now, renewed, regenerated and revived.  Open..wide,  and stretched. Unzipped and naked.

A smile. A smile..pure and without pretense.

A kiss. A kiss..never to be washed from my cheek.

A hand.  A hand..comforting and warm.

Wholesome inspiration and uplifting prayer.



We’ve all been blessed with Free Will and the Gift to Choose. However, sometimes we become fogged and confused about what choice to make.  We may be attracted by more than one choice or perplexed because there seems to be nothing to choose. We may even be blinded by others influences and their perceptions of what direction (WE) should take. At these times, we should ask Spirit for Clarity. We should pray that confusion be lifted and that we be released from the past..that our minds be renewed and that our paths be shown before us and brightly lit.

Affirmation: I choose LIGHT! My path is clear and before me. I skip in the glory of me being able to choose my destiny.


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These Fingers

Venice Hands
Venice Hands

Image Credit: Sajan Raj Kurup

I’ve noticed that I haven’t been wearing any rings lately; on my fingers.

No polish, or color; except for my own brown glossy shade.

I’m attracted to the plainness, the shortness of fingernail, the roundness of knuckle, and the delicate bends.

The softness of palm with blushing lines throughout

The thin of finger and tiny mimic of bone (so enticing)

Stretching my hands in front of me, and spreading them wide, I quiver..a subtle quake

I’ve seen these hands do so much….
They bake superior pies
They raise high fists in crowds
They have kept safe, the smallest of creatures
They swiftly dance on keyboard riffs

These fingers play invisible piano on busy trains
They scrub pots and pans
They paint un-sketched masterpieces
They soothe my scalp,
They baby my ear,
They nestle my thigh and rub my belly

They work diligently to feed me
They dress and undress me
bathe and comfort me

These fingers on these two so much.

They are weary and stretched.
Cracked lines and swollen knuckles..

They appear as if they’ve done enough..done too much…

Yet, they still lift me out of bed every morning.  They wipe my eyes and massage my temples. They prepare me in prayer pose and hold me in high plank.

They cheer and clap for me during the day, and relax my neck in the evening.

These fingers.. on these two hands.. hold my head and pray me to sleep; every night.

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