The Mountaintop

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themountaintopLife doesn’t have to be grimy.

Life doesn’t have to be tumultuous and hard. Yes, it is filled with sometimes psychotic adventures and rough terrains. Sometimes there are rocky roads and troublesome mountains to climb. But, who said (you) had to ever come down from the Mountain?

Who told (YOU) that you had to continue Machete cutting through weeds? Especially, when there’s a smooth, paved out path to the right of you.

Sometimes, we hold on to pain just to have a story to tell (or write). We testify and boast of heroic tales that never seem to end. But, (let’s get real; if only for a moment) pain was never meant to last. It’s only for us to pay attention to what ails us. Pain is the important message carrier and the signal in our lives, that it’s “TIME”. It puts us into motion. When we are in pain..we do something about it.  But, when it’s over..don’t bring it back. When your healed..Don’t pick the skin to reopen old wounds.

Once your done. Be out, and stay out. Be up and stay up!  The only one that controls chaos in our lives is (US).

  See you at the Mountaintop :-)


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You make me feel alive.


I woke up singing “You make me feel alive” by the Black Eyed Peas..but my thoughts were not on anyone in particular but on spirit and life.

Simple Mindfulness of breath.

I wake up effortlessly without thought. I pop out of bed; most times happy and ready for the day. There seldom isn’t a day that a song is not my first utterance.

I wake up READY.

Ready for whatever the day may offer.

Alive to receive and give.

Alive to teach and learn.

Alive to struggle and fall and then spring back up.

Alive to dance.

Alive to eat and drink; to taste and see.

Alive to feel and touch.

Alive to smile and frown; to pout then courageously “Get myself Together”.

I’m alive.

Spirit gave me the choice to choose and I choose LIFE.

L-I-F-E= Living Infinitely Free Effortlessly

I live. I live through pain. I live through mistakes. I live through heartache and disappointment.

I just keep right on Living.

I’m alive.



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