Will the Real Revolutionaries Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up?!

Ferguson Stand-Off.."My hands are up, Don't Shoot" Image Credit: unknown

In order for Change to take place there must be REVOLUTION! Revolution is the breaking down and destruction of the Old in order to establish the New. Change is happening NOW! Please do not be confused or misled. What you are witnessing in Ferguson, Missouri IS Revolution!! Unlike the previous …

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~Mantra’s Story~ Making My Way Clear

Her-Story Badge

    I sit.. eyes still sleepy..lashes fluttering, but..Awake Just awakening from about a 15 year gray haze… Blurry shadowy figures, dim lights and distant screams Cursed whispers lie in the corners o f my eyes Sore hands wiped down my face Blistered feet resting on hardwood floor achy bottom …

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