Will the Real Revolutionaries Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up?!

Ferguson Stand-Off.."My hands are up, Don't Shoot" Image Credit: unknown
Young Man throwing Tear gas canister back at police.

Young Man throwing Tear gas canister back at police.

In order for Change to take place there must be REVOLUTION!

Revolution is the breaking down and destruction of the Old in order to establish the New. Change is happening NOW! Please do not be confused or misled. What you are witnessing in Ferguson, Missouri IS Revolution!!

Unlike the previous civil unrest of our Forefathers, this War IS being televised. This Revolution is being Tweeted, Instagrammed, Photobombed and Selfied all the way to the White House Lawn, The UK, The Deserts of Iraq and Africa, The CNN New’s Room and the Pristine Porches of the “privileged”.

This Revolution IS being TELEVISED! Do not be fooled nor dismayed. You may not see Tailored Suits, nor hear proper tongue. You may not see Turbans or Choir Robes, or see Dashikis and Black Leather in the crowd. These Activists are not the babies of Martin, Malcolm and Marcus, they are the sons and daughters that were born at the heels of 50 cent and G-Unit, Lil-Wayne and Fat Joe, Puff Daddy, and Nicki Minaj. Their daddies sport “Thug Life” tatted on their chest. They are the children of the parents that missed the marches of Selma, but saw the beating of Rodney King and the acquittal of his attackers. They missed the plight of Resistance by a decade but felt the whips of Police Brutality. These young people are highly educated in the field of Police Discrimination and experts in the fearless campaigning of  “In Your Face; Nose to Nose Warfare”. Yet, they are Shirtless Missionaries, just like Jesus and Ghandi on a God Given Mission to rectify a wrong, to end condemnation and judgement, to teach truth of survival and to claim Justice in the faces of evil.

Do not Discredit them! Do not Judge their Anthem as anything less than a POWER to the PEOPLE Chant!  The demographics of the majority of Slain Mike Brown protestors are between the ages of 17-25.  They are his peers rallying the world in the only way they know how. Listen with new eyes, these are OUR YOUTH and they should not be fighting on the Front-line alone, just because (WE) misinterpret their Protest as “Riot” and are afraid of their “Fearlessness”. The only thing missing from this war is Leadership and Organization that can only be taught by Experienced Leaders and Organizers, Elders and Mothers and Fathers of the community. If you don’t speak the language..learn it! They already told us….”I’m different, Yeah I’m different”..

I’m different, yeah I’m different
I’m different, yeah I’m different
I’m different, yeah I’m different
Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missin’!
Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missin’!
Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missin’!
Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missin’!
Middle finger up to my competition
I’m different, yeah I’m different
I’m different, yeah I’m different
I’m different, yeah I’m different
Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missin’!



Now..Will the REAL Revolutionaries PLEASE STAND UP!? PLEASE STAND UP!

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~Mantra’s Story~ Making My Way Clear

Her-Story Badge

I Survived (Domestic Abuse!) Her-Story Challenged!



I sit.. eyes still sleepy..lashes fluttering, but..Awake

Just awakening from about a 15 year gray haze…
Blurry shadowy figures, dim lights and distant screams
Cursed whispers lie in the corners o f my eyes
Sore hands wiped down my face
Blistered feet resting on hardwood floor
achy bottom sitting on the edge of the bed

I call upon the unconscious strength of yesteryear..(the ones that sat where I sit),
with knees buckling and shaking thighs
with tender back I stand.

I wiggle and sway,
…the heels of my feet whine and my toes protest…But, I stand

Stumbling through the darkness,
Knocking over cords and shoes
Like the first steps of a baby; clumsily falling toward the window


Reaching for the long thin string and…I PULL..
Raising the shades and bringing sight

Eyes wide open..

I let in the light.
The light that hid and let the flowers die
the light that only flickered in my dreams
the light that hid deep in the darkness..

When I let in the light…

I saw humming birds and butterflies
I saw waterfalls and daisies, lit oceans,
happy faces, and candy eyed children..

but best of all with 20/20 vision I saw myself, glistening , glowing, shining, and smiling.


I made it over mountains and hills

I made it over bruises and breaks
I made it over back-hand slaps and kicks..
over bloody sheets and name calling
over dark fallen locks of hair and scraped scalp..

over hidden secrets and hushed cries…


I made it through the “You can’t do this!, You won’t do that! and If you do I’ll kill you!”
I made it through “You ain’t nothing but a woman, You ain’t nothing but a girl, a bitch, a slut and a whore!”

I made it though the suicidal thoughts, the never’s and the have-nots and “God created you for one thing only, to please men..Look at ya, you ain’t good for nothing else. Who in the hell do you think you are? You’re a woman..that’s all.”

But..when the sunlight hit my eyes, for the first time I saw all the abuse,
I felt all the abandonment
I felt all the shame
I felt all the ugliness, the hopelessness and the fear, the sadness and sickness

I saw the reality of my “Lifetime” plays, my Humorous Skits, my War Movies..
I saw it all

When I let the sunshine in, I saw the ability in all of my aspirations
I saw the finish product in the resting in the palm of my hand
I saw completion

I saw ME! A Mother, A Woman, A True Advocate for myself, A Revolutionist for Change
I saw a Determined Woman who NEVER gave up.

When I let the sunshine in, I saw myself in all its splendor; blessed with all of God’s Glory..
Beautifully hued and perfect. Strong and Courageous!

No More..No More..No More!

No more Hurt, No more Pain
No more Abuse
No more Battered Woman
No more Fear
No more Running from myself

No more and never again will I be a “victim”
No more and never again will someone else take what’s mine!
No more and never again will I cry in the face of laughter
No more and never again will anyone hit me, touch me, hurt me, scare me, and get away with it

No more sleeping
No more suffering
No more dis-ease
No more make-up and mask

(hush)…It’s all over now. (hush) It’s all over now..
It’s all over now

The hiding..(it’s all over)
The closed mouth and tight lip..
The clogged ears and numbness..
The silence and the unnatural responses..(it’s all over, now)

Degradation, Spiritual rape, fake smiles, depression, feelings of inferiority, muffled screams..
(It’s all over)

No more doubts and delusions
No more false hopes and lies

All the tragedy..it’s gone.

I have learned and grown. I have experienced all of what I must. I am in control..

Head held High..Bright and illuminated..glowing and gleaming.
With fist clutched and firm stance..Upright and fearless..I SHOUT..NO MORE! NO MORE!
Facing my enemy and all evils..NO MORE! NO MORE! and NEVER AGAIN!


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