“E” B Jamming!

Image Credit: Brownsburg High School Athletics

It ain’t too hard..It ain’t too hard for me to JAM! Michael Jackson


Across The Court..he shoots…”Swish”.

The rubber of his shoes squeak as they frisk along the gym floor… never leaving a scuff.

Gliding and Moon-walking..  (Jamming)

His nylon pants mimic each breezy gesture..back and forth they wave responding to every Twinkling Movement.  He pauses… Alert and Quiet. Head up. Eye’s Pierced. Arms High. Gently Releasing… then….”Swish”.

Before the ball hits the floor…”Plap” it falls into his hands.

An echo fills the court…”I got this“, he huffs in breathy exaltation.

The ball briefly claps the Maple floor then congratulates his palm.  He nods. He Grips..Shoots… “Swish”.  I got this!

Easy. Steady. Smooth.

Inside the hoop The Ball riddles, wriggling through the mesh,  and he’s there to catch it.. “Plap”

I got this“..he outwardly calls out to all onlookers. Holding the ball..he smiles..with shoulders high and chest broad, he tenderly surrenders, freeing the ball…and down it goes.

He Dribbles..then Retrieves.

Dropping then Picking up.


They Flicker to the end of the court, Up and Down. Swish and Swooshing, Circling each other “Jamming” together..

Pack. Pap, Plap..Clap, Squeak..

“Swish”...”I got this” 


“The World is The Court, Life is The Ball”. It’s never about how hard the game is,  it’s only about how you play it. (You got this..It ain’t too hard for you to Jam so…. it must be “EASY”)


Go EB..Go EB..Go EB… ‘Swish”.


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Fully participating in LIFE


Dont Stop Til\’ You Get Enough: Michael Jackson Nothing happens by accident. There is no happenstance. There are choices, but the outcome of our decisions are always the same. Life is awesome. We exist in order to live completely and to be fully present in our lives. Active participants not bystanders. Not Backseat drivers. Authors and the sole creators of our happiness and path. Life is a precious gift. Treasure it. Love it. Breath it.

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