“E” B Jamming!

Image Credit: Brownsburg High School Athletics

It ain’t too hard..It ain’t too hard for me to JAM! Michael Jackson [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbHI1yI1Ndk’]   Across The Court..he shoots…”Swish”. The rubber of his shoes squeak as they frisk along the gym floor… never leaving a scuff. Gliding and Moon-walking..  (Jamming) His nylon pants mimic each breezy gesture..back and forth …

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Fully participating in LIFE


Dont Stop Til\’ You Get Enough: Michael Jackson Nothing happens by accident. There is no happenstance. There are choices, but the outcome of our decisions are always the same. Life is awesome. We exist in order to live completely and to be fully present in our lives. Active participants not …

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