My Daughters and Sons


I’ve had many..many.. Daughters and Sons I packed their lunches with their favorite foods, a blessed fruit, and a note “No Matter What, You are Great! You will do your best because you are the best!, I love You, signed Mommy and (smiley face) I zipped their coats and helped …

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My Mommy’s Birthday Song

moms song

It seems almost ridiculous for me to buy a birthday card for you.  Two main; pertinent reasons why.   First, I’m a writer.  Second; and the most important, there is no card, or letter, or monument  created by anyone other than myself, that would say or express half of what I …

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She Runs On..

Dismal Dancing Daffodils, dying in hand. She tightly clutches, hanging downward, drunk in the sunlight. Dirty canvas whites, and dingy shoe strings, she runs on.. Her ashy dusty knees mirror the playground field. Rubber tire bits hang from her shorts. She runs on.. emphatically choking them.. she runs on.. Unconscious …

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