My Best Day


My best day

Striped socks and stilettos

My Best Day…Chipped Nails, A good Push-up, Striped Socks, Stilettos, an almost empty energy drink, and The Black Key’s fingering my ear lobes…


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My soul is tired.

slave then

I’m tired. My soul is tired! Tired of politicizing. Tired of Fighting injustice. Tired of standing up for those who can’t stand for themselves. Tired of writing, tired of marching, tired of requesting, tired of begging, tired of forcing, tired of 36 hr. days… I’m tired of being able to …

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Polka-dot Pillow

Image Credit: Beach Cottage

Bliss tickles my red polish toe The night before ensues on my fingertip; to my lips I delightfully place. Hmm.. the subtle taste of deceit and defeat holds my tongue. No matter, pleasure is all mine, this morning. Entranced with lids closed, my eyes mimic the scene… Moisture thickens, and …

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These Fingers

Venice Hands

I’ve noticed that I haven’t been wearing any rings lately; on my fingers. No polish, or color; except for my own brown glossy shade. I’m attracted to the plainness, the shortness of fingernail, the roundness of knuckle, and the delicate bends. The softness of palm with blushing lines throughout The …

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With his whole hand he used to love me… then he let go. Now, all he touches me with is his fingertips.   Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2013Some Rights ReservedOriginal content here is published under these license terms: X License Type:Non-commercial, Attribution, Share AlikeLicense Summary:You may copy this content, create derivative work from it, and re-publish …

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I sing on top of mountaintops I sing at births and weddings I sing at jazz clubs in Hip-hop clubs Reggae fests and Auditoriums plays and musicals parks and supermarkets bathrooms and bedrooms I sing of into the night talks and 5 a.m. runs and walks, Of holding hands while …

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Blow on Me


Just a blow behind my left ear. Just a silent whisper is all I need. My belly rises and falls and twists of us. Long before we became “US”. I remember being four, and seeing you at the bottom stairwell, a chill never forgotten. At night you would pace and …

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Image Credit: Unknown. The Fray lyrics

GLORY Like stepping stones all along the paths to my awakenings You step lightly with soft toes Gentle taps Tender pats Stepping around me Sending chills at my lower back Tickling my belly Blowing at me Whispering Pacing in circles that surround me Penetrating without penetration Stimulating me without any …

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