Escape of the Loons

Image Credit: Clare and Holly

“How can I move on..when I’m still stuck to you?”

(Two Troublesome Loons Sticky and Glued………..Heavyhearted, Torn, and Blue…………………Love struck,  and Confused…………… Hated and Weighted…………….. Dizzy and Sedated……………. Painfully plucking away each others feathers..but so salty the tears, they bind the Leather Tether even more…tightly together)


My Date Night

New dress

New shoes

New stockings.

                      New do.

New China Red Lipstick for shiny red lips.

                                                         New practiced glide and New extra sway of hips.

A promised date on an outdated calendar.

A long-awaited Escape to something grander. Something better or Greener, Tender and  maybe Finer.

A long bath, manicure and pretty toe.

                                                              A rose oiled rub-down for a sun-kissed glow.

A New flirty scent with honey flavored powder.

                                                        A hopeful tasty treat for the suitor of the hour

A diamond g-string with matching push-up bra.

                                       A desired finished of blemish nor hint of flaw.

A full frontal view, a rear view and side……

                                                         but in the mirror the chain can’t hide.

Bulky and mismatched.

                              Out of place yet still attached….

His Date Night..

A drive to comfort… a familiar caw. A hiked skirt with hidden claw. A One night proposal or maybe a lifetime. A dream of stability, loyalty, trust, and finally fidelity.  A friendship wished upon and a love never torn.  A likeness of self and hopes of something easy and never felt.

Delighted he watched her, and secretly checked off his prized requirement list. But, as the night ensued..her perfectness became strangeness. Her motives became questionable.  No longer tempted his mind wandered…and instantly….

My Night (Continued)

….It drags from room to room, clings and clangs.  It sticks to my heels and no matter how hard I always hangs.  Dangling, pulling and tugging. Yanking, suckling, and hugging.

It trips me up….. then knocks me down.

Now..just look at me!  All dressed and ready..just to lay on the ground.

But..not for long..cause when I fell..It yanked him too.  A tumbling, and bumping, through Heaven and Hell he flew..right back to me…stuck like glue. we are sit, two Crazy Loons. Fools for searching for what we already knew.

It always ends up the same way, no matter how far we THINK we may be able to stray…It’s just US..

…………Tight forever…with hopes of never…escaping the safety of the cage that we built from each others feather… and the love-struck leather; infused with the blood and sweat of our relationship… is the tether.



I can’t get over you babe..

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“The Jumpoff” The new Fantasia Barrino



Fantasia’s troubles just keep getting worse. God knows that lately she’s been called a host of improper names..but now in legal circles she’s bears the demeaning title of  “Jumpoff”.  For all of yall, who don’t know what the “Jumpoff” is, it is the “other woman or man”, the “ho that stole my husband”, “the “dirty dog” that cheated on me and his 4 kids”.  Now, it’s Fantasia Barrino; “The Jumpoff”  Way to go, Fantasia!

Fantasia, why could you have not just been satisfied with being, the illiterate girl who struggled to read the cue cards and lyrics on American Idol and then won? You couldn’t have just been the  Grammy nominated teenage welfare mother, and domestic abuse survivor?  You couldn’t have just been the only American Idol winner who captivated a nation with an autobiographical Lifetime TV-movie, “The Fantasia Barrino story, Life is not a Fairytale” that more than 9 million people watched? Were you not amazed at your determination on finally receiving your GED? at the ripe age of 26?   How about overcoming that bankruptcy scandal? Your daddy suing you for $10 million?   Oh, I can’t leave out  the Broadway play “The Color Purple” that you almost F-d up; but managed to pull that one together too. Also, your new album that’s releasing in a couple of weeks.

I’m sure there are many people like myself who are just shaking their heads in disbelief and shame.  We are wondering why would you overcome so much just to lose it all?

Publicly humiliating yourself with a married man, (you even got his name tattooed on your body), an unfortunate suicide attempt,  and now, this man’s wife; Paula Cook, claims to have a sex tape that is infinite proof of the affair; (as if she really needed any more confirmation) but she is going to use it as evidence in her lawsuit against you, that is said to be worth $60 million.  But, the most brainless, retarded, and idiotic piece to this broken puzzle is…. Fantasia  (YOU) live in North Carolina!!!

There are only 7 states that have something called The  “ANTI-JUMPOFF law”, legally called “Criminal Conversion” and wouldn’t you know it…the proud state of North Carolina is one of them. As well as, Illinois, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Mexico, South Dakota and Utah.

Why Anti-JumpOff law is so EFFECTIVE. Unlike the traditional “Alienation Of Affection” law, a jumpoff has virtually NO DEFENSE to a lawsuit brought under the ANTI-JUMPOFF law. For example, the jumpoff CAN NOT claim that they didn’t know the other person was married, or that the married man WAS SEPARATED from his wife, or that the wife was ALSO BEING UNFAITHFUL.

Under North Carolina’s law, if the wife can prove that she was VALIDLY married and that her husband had SEX with his jumpoff, then the jumpoff is AUTOMATICALLY liable for damages.

North Carolina courts have offered BIG JUDGMENTS against jumpoffs. For example, in 2001 a jury awarded a distraught spouse $1.4 MILLION under the anti-jumpoff law.

Girl, I just want to know..What kind of love is this? that makes you say F-it!?I love him..I don’t care what his wife says, I don’t care what my manager says or my publicist, or even  the cast of Color Purple..”I love him”.

DAMN Fantasia!!! if you really wanted to be with this man, (and so far you have been with him “allegedly” for over a year),  why the F didn’t you move?!  I know you had to know about this’ve been to court, you got an attorney!  Is being a “Jumpoff” really worth it?

I am all so curious as to how you gon’ survive this one?

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