To Dream

Image Credit: Ellington CMS

No matter how it’s displayed the dream is never deferred. The laughter, the mimic, the dance, the play of the children. The hope of us.. The message never dies.. 1 Aspiration 1 Word 1 Glimmer 1 Smile 1 Tear 1 Step All we need is 1 to start a (Revolution). …

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The Puppeteer


He wants me to be his conquest. His concubine, his “thing”. He wants to control me. To own me. To make me dance. He tugs and pulls, lifts and dangles, smiling as I jingle. Left arm up, right foot out, now smile. You like that? Nod your head.. Move this …

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I Float


“I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”… I tap-dance on moonbeams; bowing down at every tree.. Kicking over bulldozers in pink pumps… … church blasting “Fergie‘s..My humps” I shoot down the rain with the flick of my wrist.. ….Now, who was that? That said..”Don’t quote me boy, …

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My Purple Hue

Image Credit: The Color Purple

  Luscious, fruitful, duel animation, duality in time, sleek design, lotus wings blossoming in moonlight, blue-berry rasp, cotton candy dazzle, tender clasp, strong grasp, hypnotizing linger, beloved bellow, delicate butterfly, treasured piece, My PURPLE HUE. Lasting love, continuous flow, sacred heaven, wide eyed temple, spiritual hymn, glistening drip, magic touch, …

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Image Credit: Unknown. The Fray lyrics

GLORY Like stepping stones all along the paths to my awakenings You step lightly with soft toes Gentle taps Tender pats Stepping around me Sending chills at my lower back Tickling my belly Blowing at me Whispering Pacing in circles that surround me Penetrating without penetration Stimulating me without any …

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