Image Credit: Butterfly in a Jar by Consel

            Slipped inspiration..slandered in confusion Smothered by the smoke of the fallen. Gone away, never to return..yet burning. Smoldering heart-songs..blackened blue. Torrid and scorched red at my hairline. A blistered memory; branded, raised and identifiable. A blistered memory; painfully etched in my mind and forced …

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mantra lime

Image Credit: Unknown

Tender twang Sweet tangy purple thigh fingers of lime blue navel arched eye Raven wrists flutter-by blueberry chest healed bow maple hump bony knee curved leg cherry toe flat lip beaded waist blazed neck angled chin carob face milked hip burgundy tip boysenberried side carries babies high Twists with turns, …

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Plucking Daisies

plucking daisies

He loves me, He loves me not… Yep. Biting my lip at the thought of happenstance. The thought of convenience, the thought of “In the Moment”, the thought of loneliness or wanting. Maybe, a lustful thought that lasted longer than expected. Maybe, the thought that it would only last a …

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The Quilt

Last Night, I sewed a Quilt for you Last Night, I stitched over 360 patterns for you Last Night, I needled in and out for you, out and in for you   Last night I sewed a quilt for you I mixed Yellow in with White, Green with Blue, I …

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My Way


  Is it my eyes that hypnotizes you?   Is it my speech that wakens you? Is it my touch that arouses you? Is it my thigh that attracts you. Is it my thoughts that enlighten you?   Is it the beads around my waist that put that dimple on …

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