Image Credit: Butterfly in a Jar by Consel



Image Credit: Butterfly in a Jar by Consel

Image Credit: Butterfly in a Jar by Consel






Slipped inspiration..slandered in confusion

Smothered by the smoke of the fallen.

Gone away, never to return..yet burning. Smoldering heart-songs..blackened blue.

Torrid and scorched red at my hairline.

A blistered memory; branded, raised and identifiable.

A blistered memory; painfully etched in my mind and forced to never be forgotten.



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Silly Little Fishy

Little Fish big pond
Image Credit: Mikael Damkier

Fish Out Of Water

Silly Little Fishy

Out the tank you leaped..ignorant and deaf
buck eyed and free

Thirsty for more..bigger, deeper, seas.

Hungry for what you “thought” was on the other-side of the glass

Silly Little Fishy

“The lake has dried up..there’s no water here and the oxygen isn’t that good either.

I watch as you gasp and flap.  The shine of your scales begin to fade….open and
close your gills blow…

Dammit!..Little fishy! I told you that the lake dried up. There’s no fresh water here!”

I scoop you fast, and drop quickly into the tank.  Shyly, and breathlessly you thank me. We both laugh at your foolishness.

Silly Little Fishy..Don’t cha’ know that Big Cats like me… Eat little fish like you. You may wanna stay in your tank.



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I’m too afraid..(still)

Brothers, Album cover by The Black Keys

I thought I’d lasso the Moon last-night…just to keep it a little longer.. just to hold on to the dream a bit tighter, but Sun interrupted my sleep and forced itself upon me…

Now, daylight shines much too bright, and the secret of missing (YOU) is out.


My pillow is still fluffed. Sheet still folded. A neat bed, as if untouched.  But, here..I sit. Heavy. Visible. Still.

Perfect curls, willowy gown, still..glossed lips.

In night..The Moon lets me dream.  You hold and rock me.  On Mountaintops we sit, we laugh, we kick up dust. We kiss, we love. I release. I smile. I’m me.

But..when Sun does the truth…  I’m (still) too afraid to love (YOU), and even more afraid of (YOU) loving me.

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I died today


I died today… my skin darkened, and color changed. Air rushed from my body. I became silent. Softly I closed my eyes, felt my limbs freeze…stiff and still, I left.

I drowned. The water consumed me, covered my head, filled my nose, and flooded my mouth.
My ears popped. My lungs grew chest puffed and hardened. It hurt.
I felt unspeakable pain.
Engulfed..I died.

All my sins played before me. All my good turned to tears.

I died a horrible death.
blood dripped from my nose, my teeth gnashed..I snarled at my killer. My pupils turned ruby. My cheeks ashed and lips withered. With crimson skin under my fingernails..I scratched the pavement. I failed to crawl to safety. I screamed. I screamed.
Ripped.. I died

Memories of abuse, pain, and trauma bruised my face. Pleas muttered from my lips. Weak and frail.
I gasped to hold tight the last bit of air. My throat constricted, my heart stopped, and my bladder failed. I quit. I gave up.
Defeated..I died.

……only to be born…clean..fresh..healed..reincarnated and given another chance.

Another try.

Another try at living.

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Image credit: Larry JW
Image Credit: Priya

Image Credit: Priya

SO, I’m trying to bring “IT” back. (I  just got too)

I’m trying to resurrect “IT

I’m trying to recover “IT

Last night; on peony pink paper, I wrote only of Love’s Glow.

I affirmed all of what I knew of “IT
I admitted all of what I know of  “IT” and me…

I inked what I missed. In curvy lines and coils, waves, and dark written twists..I drew “IT

I remembered “IT’S” touch, it’s smell, IT’S feel.

I envisioned IT’S tenderness, IT’S honesty, IT’S purity.

So, I’m trying to bring “IT” back. My own “Be-love-ed” …that’s what I’m resurrecting.

I’m bringing “IT” back. I’m asking of the release “IT” to reveal itself and come forth. To come out. To come down and up. To come in.

Only “IT” will I wait for. Only “IT” will I dance too, clap too, rise too and fall too.

I’m only reading “IT
I’m only watching “IT
I’m only listening to “IT

Only the sweet, silky, lush, clear, smooth, pink, passionate, whole, pure, blessed, giving, righteous, serene, open, flow of “IT” … all I need.

IT” is all I want.

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Selfish Girl







I used to love and not let it go…

I used to love AND hold on tight

Never giving up, my fight for love

Never giving up on love

Never giving up on love…

Then One Day… A MAN…Came Along.. A SELFISH MAN came along…

He stole my love and Now IT’s all gone

He..NEVER.. gave up HIS fight for Love…HE took Mine, now MINE’S all gone..


I’m just a selfish girl…

NEVER giving up on LOVE….NEVER giving up MY FIGHT for LOVE

I’m just a selfish girl…Never giving up.



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mantra lime

Image Credit: Unknown
Splash of lime: Image Credit Curtis Jones

Splash of lime: Image Credit Curtis Jones

Tender twang
Sweet tangy
purple thigh
fingers of lime
blue navel
arched eye
wrists flutter-by
blueberry chest
healed bow
maple hump
bony knee
curved leg
cherry toe
flat lip
beaded waist
blazed neck
angled chin
carob face
milked hip
burgundy tip
boysenberried side carries babies high

Twists with turns, oozed sting, lasting taste of lime at every place


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Plucking Daisies

plucking daisies

He loves me, He loves me not… Yep.

Biting my lip at the thought of happenstance. The thought of convenience, the thought of “In the Moment”, the thought of loneliness or wanting. Maybe, a lustful thought that lasted longer than expected. Maybe, the thought that it would only last a night, a week, a month and then “IT” would be over. But, I left no easy way out. Darn. Was I too nice? Too predictable, too easy, too sweet, too enticing, maybe too unpredictable, too complicated, too threatening, too ugly?
Did I push, Did I pull? Was I pitied? Did I frighten? Did I threaten? Was I harsh? Were my hands too cold? My back too hot?

Maybe, I was a thought of age and time, or a clocks hand (Tick Toc, Tick Toc) Maybe the motor oil that you never bought. Maybe, the exercise plan that you never started. Was I the hidden bill behind the dresser? The missing shoe? The satin sheets that “YOU” never liked?

Last Petal….Last Daisy…It’s the Last PETAL, on the LAST F’N DAISY!..


Between my fingers it fell, dangled and whirled in the wind, silently, slowly, it drifted to the ground…No more questions…It’s over.

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The Quilt

Kristin Miller quilt the Mind’s Eye

Last Night, I sewed a Quilt for you

Last Night, I stitched over 360 patterns for you

Last Night, I needled in and out for you, out and in for you


Last night I sewed a quilt for you

I mixed Yellow in with White, Green with Blue, I added

Purple to Orange, Brown to Beige and Gold to Silver too.


Last Night I weaved Love into Pain

I threaded Tomorrow into Today and Truth into Justice

I put the Bees in with the Birds, the Trees with the Clouds

I combined Elephants with Crocodiles, Lions with Rabbits

I put Roses with Lilac, Hyssop with Juniper

Cinnamon in with Vanilla, and Honey with Seaweed

I sprinkled Salt with a dabble of Coconut Milk


Last Night I braided my Glass Pots in with my Ceramic Jars

I took Crystal and put it with Rock, I took a Wood Panel from my Floor and Cotton

Curtains from the window, I took a Lock of my Hair

and twisted it with an Aunk from a Bracelet

I took those Old Pictures of Your Mother and joined them

with My Grandfathers War Photos


Last Night, I sewed a quilt for you

I knitted Kidneys with Hearts, Tongues with Toes, Pericardium

with Gallbladder, Uterus with Pineal Gland, Liver with Spine

Lung with Large Intestine, Legs with Hands, Knuckles with Earlobe’s,

Eyes with Mouth and Spirit with Soul


Last Night I sewed a quilt for you

…and once I finished I wrapped it around my body

to collect all of the juices of my labor

With admiration and love I folded, and pressed, rolled and packed

With a lick from my lips and a Star Shaped Kiss,

I laced it with Honeysuckle Vine and tied it with a Butterfly Bow

And gently, very delicately I tucked it in our sacred place…..


That quite comforting place at the left side of my right pupil

That small dark spot that you always seem to acknowledge,

I placed the quilt there


And that way I’ll always keep the love that I have for you safe and treasured

…Never to be stolen, never to be taken or given away

And in that way, every time you look into my eyes you’ll know the depth of my love,
the seas of my being, the heart of my existence…

and you will Never, Never Forget who I am.

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My Way



Is it my eyes that hypnotizes you?


Is it my speech that wakens you? Is it my touch that arouses you? Is it my thigh that attracts you. Is it my thoughts that enlighten you?


Is it the beads around my waist that put that dimple on you left cheek?


Is it my walk that distracts you? Is it my dance that entices you?


Is it my breast that nourish you? Is it my poem that sings to you? Is it my fingers that guide you?


Is it my smile that humors you? is it my backside that makes you dream? is it my neck that motivates you?


Is it my face that interest you? The placement of my nose that allows you to remember?



Is it my chin that makes you want to create?


Is it my hips that allow you to think of tomorrow, the hips that reflect greener pastures and the “Birth of a Nation“. The hips, that rotate on albums of “Dianne Reeves, Cassandra Wilson, timeless anthems, Minnie Rippleton, Donnie Hathaway, Coltrane, and Puente beats.


My hips. That move and spread, and glide. Like a futuristic glide, a matrix, a change, a growth, a seed, a cipher.




Maybe, just Maybe, it’s just my way.


The way, I sound, the way I sweat, the way I cry, the way I sing, the way I sit, the way I cross my legs, the way I bathe, the way I sleep, the way I eat, the way I stare, the way I “humph”, the way I stand, the way I choose, to be just Me


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