Wild As I Am

Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar, Model Naomi Campbell

Gold Dipped Diamond Dazzled Jet Eye Ebony Lash Black Curled, Coiled, Thick Forested Hair Sunset Nipple Moonlit Rib Twilight Thigh ……………………..Oh..As Wild As I am. Hyena Laugh Lioness gait Butterfly Flirt Willow Tree Sway …………………………. Wild As I Am. Bare Footed, Wide Open, and Spotted Red Flamingo Dancing Underneath Black …

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Let’s Eat Cake


No dollars in the bank, No coins in the couch cushions, No pennies in the jar and I’m all out of ideas.. The mortgage is late and the fridge is empty; No meat, cheese, nor bread. No liquor in the cabinet, No pills in the drawer, and No hidden stashes. …

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My Mommy’s Birthday Song

moms song

It seems almost ridiculous for me to buy a birthday card for you.  Two main; pertinent reasons why.   First, I’m a writer.  Second; and the most important, there is no card, or letter, or monument  created by anyone other than myself, that would say or express half of what I …

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The Bell Tolls


At the nape of your neck.. my pale fingernails linger in thin curls.. softly pressing you into my cheek.. your ear to mine.. around my shoulders you rest.. tender grazing on soft sheets..we wrap each other.. we hold and console carefully concealing one another.. tightly safeguarding… At times, I am …

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Broken Promises

Image Credit: Herr Fous

I never asked you to love me. But, you insisted.. You promised that you would be different. That you would love me unconditionally and not want anything in return. That your love would be so powerful that I wouldn’t be able to refuse.. For a moment, I actually thought you …

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