Wit yo’ Sexy Self

Wit yo’ Sexy Self.

I reared back with my right hand on my hip. Sassy me. Flirty me. Big Girl ME.

“Umm. How you gon’ just brush up against me like that? and walk away?”

(Actually wanting to say) Umm? How you gon’ be smelling all good, lookin’ all good, brush up against me like that, and walk away?

I fluttered my eyelashes, and searched him from head to toe.

“Umm. E-xcuse me.” I know! You know..YOU just brushed up against me, and you had plenty of room to go around me!?”

He stopped. Turned around. Looked at me…and said,

“Yea. I know.”
Smiling Proudly, displaying THAT dimple on his left cheek.

With my back still reared back, and my right hand on my hip, I flashed my lashes and licked my lips..

Feeling my chest rise and my breath deepen..(Damn..I (c’aint) take this..I just wanna pounce on his back, and latch on to his beautiful neck and like a world-class wrestler..flip him in one spectacular move…and ride him..ride him like wheels ain’t been invented yet..I wanna ride him like we in the last days of our lives..Naw..Actually, I wanna ride him like the first woman rode the first man..(historical)..(ancestral) (ingenious)…clutching my teeth..I let out a “Sssss..” a low slither..Catching myself, I inhale and wipe my bottom lip..swallow and take a deep  breath..

“Oh, okay. I see how you are.
…with a swift turn of my neck and flip of my hair, I turned to leave… when….he…he suddenly…turned.. and said…

“You see how I am?”
…coming toward me….creeping, smooth, stern, strong, bold, broad, slowly…..in my face..So close, I could feel his breath..

“Hmph. Well, how am I then?”…..

Still licking my lips, I shyly smiled….

“Umm. You all-ight.”

(all the while thinking)
All-ight!?! Hell. Better than All-ight! Dang dude, you are…man…you are…the bomb (like ol’school)…you betta than my Converse Chucks, you betta than my favorite Indian Restaurant, you betta than my first high school crush, and the Cherry flavored Jolly Rancher. Shoot you betta than spandex, and my best push up bra… DAMN… I wanted to tell him that

…but..I stubbornly and bashfully, gently pushed him out of my face and said my famous…..

“Whateva” I’ll talk to you later.”

Umph. Umph. Umph… Wit yo’ Sexy Self.

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Image credit: Larry JW
Image Credit: Priya

Image Credit: Priya

SO, I’m trying to bring “IT” back. (I  just got too)

I’m trying to resurrect “IT

I’m trying to recover “IT

Last night; on peony pink paper, I wrote only of Love’s Glow.

I affirmed all of what I knew of “IT
I admitted all of what I know of  “IT” and me…

I inked what I missed. In curvy lines and coils, waves, and dark written twists..I drew “IT

I remembered “IT’S” touch, it’s smell, IT’S feel.

I envisioned IT’S tenderness, IT’S honesty, IT’S purity.

So, I’m trying to bring “IT” back. My own “Be-love-ed” …that’s what I’m resurrecting.

I’m bringing “IT” back. I’m asking of the dirt..to release “IT” to reveal itself and come forth. To come out. To come down and up. To come in.

Only “IT” will I wait for. Only “IT” will I dance too, clap too, rise too and fall too.

I’m only reading “IT
I’m only watching “IT
I’m only listening to “IT

Only the sweet, silky, lush, clear, smooth, pink, passionate, whole, pure, blessed, giving, righteous, serene, open, flow of “IT” …..is all I need.

IT” is all I want.

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Selfish Girl







I used to love and not let it go…

I used to love AND hold on tight

Never giving up, my fight for love

Never giving up on love

Never giving up on love…

Then One Day… A MAN…Came Along.. A SELFISH MAN came along…

He stole my love and Now IT’s all gone

He..NEVER.. gave up HIS fight for Love…HE took Mine, now MINE’S all gone..


I’m just a selfish girl…

NEVER giving up on LOVE….NEVER giving up MY FIGHT for LOVE

I’m just a selfish girl…Never giving up.



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Image Credit: Mrs. Oasis

With his whole hand he used to love me… then he let go.
Now, all he touches me with is his fingertips.


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I sing on top of mountaintops

I sing at births and weddings

I sing at jazz clubs

in Hip-hop clubs

Reggae fests and


plays and musicals

parks and supermarkets

bathrooms and bedrooms

I sing of into the night talks and 5 a.m. runs and walks,

Of holding hands while walking through the mall

Of tender back of the neck kisses and gentle ear caresses that mimic it all

I sing of black on black love that stood through thrashes and rapes

A love that stood through hound chases and over the broom disappointments

A love that floated to the top of the sea, above tarnished ancestral bones

A love that passes through prison cells and ghetto walls

A love that crawls over mountains and dances through high


I sing in your ears babies

On my knees baby

I sing of good mornings and restful nights

Red roses and bottled wine

Lingerie delicacies

Secret fantasies

Loud love and hushed moans

I sing of hope and resurrection

I sing of peace and friendship

I sing of warmth and comfort

I sing of kisses and tears

From blue-black to the lightest of the beige

From nappy to the nappiest

From the tallest to the shortest

From the thickest to the bony

I sing black-beauty’s song

Loud and soft

Hard and tuff


I sing, I sing, I sing

Because of my Mama and my daddy

Because of my grandmother and grandfather

I sing because of my daughters and sons

I sing because I got too

I sing because God told me too and because

Oshun blessed me to

I sing

I sing through tears of remembering and heartache from understanding

the pain of yesterday that creeps into today

but, I sing of rebuilding, mending, and feeding black bellies

of planting and watering fields of black hearts and souls and making them

healthy and whole

I sing black beauty’s song and it sounds so sweet

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Finger Hug

As I watch my wrist bend, and my fingers impatiently dance along the keyboard, with bent knuckles and pointed finger tips, erect nails. Anxiously wanting to speak

Wanting to sing out anthems of my pulse, and rhythms of my chest, memories of …

Fingers “catch up” Come on catch up”

Tell the story, Tell It,….

they shake out LUST, they shiver out words like Heat, Passion, Love, Back, My shoulder, my ankles

Like a “Dance Hall Queen” with fast moving hips, fingers move, pace back and forth, rise, and shrink, anxiously, desperately trying to catch up to my mind

Unsteady and uneasy in my chair, legs crossed and uncrossed, fast breath, moist lips and high breast and nipples that point in your unseen direction.

I remember, I remember, Last night, yesterday at Noontime, Yesterday Morning, this Morning, Memories of YOU and I, of Me and YOU in..

“Damn,” come on fingers MOVE! Catch up!

Fingers speak of the GLOW of yesterday morning, Of the FEEL of yesterday afternoon, and the LINGER of Last night..

Like Eternal Bliss.. “Naw, that’s too cliche”.

Like an eclipse..

Yea, like that.. Like that

Me Moon, Broad, and Bold, Milky and wide, high and suspended on ethereal nets, atoms, dust, and ancestral claps. High, and cool, too cool. But moist and open, too open. Like liquid latex and the color Black, I cooled and glowed with outstretched body, and high float, impulsing and pulsating until…

SUN came…

with heat and light that dazzled my skin, and made me shiny and bright,

Then..in a remarkable instant SUN drenched me in lava that dripped from my forehead, down my neck, along my navel, it drizzled around my left thigh, and built a puddle at my ankles, I wiggled my toes in it and had unmentionable thoughts of bathing in it. Sun smiled and engulfed me in his bright light, hot, and burning, I pushed him, my cool began to vanish, my too cool became a whisper, the heat became too hot, it burned me, it shined too bright, I …

“Fingers Talk, what did I do?”

I… I… burned, but grew, I grew broad and bold, and I pushed SUN gently, just enough, to get from under his heat, and I whirled and span on top of him and blanketed him, I covered him with my coolness until Sun…. melted… Sun….oozed, and hissed, and soon relinquished all of his efforts to conquer MOON, and then released, delicately, and gently with his last spurt-ful kiss, SUN vanished.

But, I Moon Broad and Bold, Me-Moon, cool, too cool, will be high tonight, and awaiting the arrival of Sun once again.

“Thanks fingers”:)

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Love Me Right

Image credit: Michael D. Harris

I got rivers flowing through my breast….

Ancient rivers that Griots tell stories about…
that babies suckle from
that tiny toes dance through
that Monks bow to

I got rivers flowing through my breast

Elephant trunks sip from
Grandmothers bathe in
Grandfathers are baptized in

Love me right

I got a cowrie-shelled belly that houses the Sun….that awakens to the Moon.

Fruits and vegetables are born in
Blue-black slaves hide in
Lost souls rest in
My children played in
Love my Belly, love my Belly…

Love me right

Hear my voice..
Listen, it does have something to say.

It sings, It laughs loud, It whispers, It sweetly sasses, it delicately scolds
It firmly teaches, it mimics past monarchs, and it sounds like my mother and echoes of my great-grandmother
It floods with the wisdom of my great-grandfather
It blows the gentle love breezes of my father
Words meditate along it’s melody, Mantra’s unite within it’s rhythm…
LOVE my Voice..Love my Voice…

Love me right

I am a dream, a hope, a vision, a blossomed flower, a matured possibility, A destined existence and plentiful crop.

I am your mother, I am your father, I am your brother, I am your sister, I am your son, I am your daughter, I am YOU
I am infused of the ancestors, The thigh of the deities, The root of the trees, The atoms in the air, The ground beneath your feet..

I am Life and Death, I am Spirit and Breath

So… You better…Love me RIGHT!



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