Death to Disappointment

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Rummaging through the desk fingers plummeted deep beneath papers. Fingertips desperately searching, until I found it. A plain-white, unlined, notepad. Ferociously, I wrenched it from the drawer, and grabbed a glass jar of thumbtacks from the shelf. I quickly retreated to the kitchen. At, the far end..lie an empty …

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I Float


“I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”… I tap-dance on moonbeams; bowing down at every tree.. Kicking over bulldozers in pink pumps… … church blasting “Fergie‘s..My humps” I shoot down the rain with the flick of my wrist.. ….Now, who was that? That said..”Don’t quote me boy, …

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IT (A Halloween tale for the kiddies)

"The Possession"

Tucked away in the secret realm of the unseen and invisible…”IT” lives.. Deep inside the film of Butterfly wings…IT waits. In between Rhinoceros toes IT creeps Underneath Pot-belly pigs bellies IT sleeps IT eats through the scales of Lizard’s legs and hula hoops in Giraffe’s spots …..from puppy dog’s tails …

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Wit yo’ Sexy Self

Wit yo’ Sexy Self.

I reared back with my right hand on my hip. Sassy me. Flirty me. Big Girl ME.

“Umm. How you gon’ just brush up against me like that? and walk away?”

(Actually wanting to say) Umm? How you gon’ be smelling all good, lookin’ all good, brush up against me like that, and walk away?

I fluttered my eyelashes, and searched him from head to toe.

“Umm. E-xcuse me.” I know! You know..YOU just brushed up against me, and you had plenty of room to go around me!?”

He stopped. Turned around. Looked at me…and said,

“Yea. I know.”
Smiling Proudly, displaying THAT dimple on his left cheek.

With my back still reared back, and my right hand on my hip, I flashed my lashes and licked my lips..

Feeling my chest rise and my breath deepen..(Damn..I (c’aint) take this..I just wanna pounce on his back, and latch on to his beautiful neck and like a world-class wrestler..flip him in one spectacular move…and ride him..ride him like wheels ain’t been invented yet..I wanna ride him like we in the last days of our lives..Naw..Actually, I wanna ride him like the first woman rode the first man..(historical)..(ancestral) (ingenious)…clutching my teeth..I let out a “Sssss..” a low slither..Catching myself, I inhale and wipe my bottom lip..swallow and take a deep  breath..

“Oh, okay. I see how you are.
…with a swift turn of my neck and flip of my hair, I turned to leave… when….he…he suddenly…turned.. and said…

“You see how I am?”
…coming toward me….creeping, smooth, stern, strong, bold, broad, slowly… my face..So close, I could feel his breath..

“Hmph. Well, how am I then?”…..

Still licking my lips, I shyly smiled….

“Umm. You all-ight.”

(all the while thinking)
All-ight!?! Hell. Better than All-ight! Dang dude, you are…man…you are…the bomb (like ol’school)…you betta than my Converse Chucks, you betta than my favorite Indian Restaurant, you betta than my first high school crush, and the Cherry flavored Jolly Rancher. Shoot you betta than spandex, and my best push up bra… DAMN… I wanted to tell him that

…but..I stubbornly and bashfully, gently pushed him out of my face and said my famous…..

“Whateva” I’ll talk to you later.”

Umph. Umph. Umph… Wit yo’ Sexy Self.

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To me

letter to me

A smile like yours won’t ever go- I won’t let it. Truth: Seems like courage hasn’t been much of me, lately. A feather just hasn’t floated by or maybe I just haven’t noticed. To be inspired when my spirit is already lit, is a bit tricky. In and out of …

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Today, my 9-year-old daughter came to me with a letter that she made of notebook paper. She folded the paper 3 times and stapled it in four corners until she made an envelope. In the left hand corner she made a picture of a stamp that had an arrow and …

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“Your Sexy Things?”

Image Credit: Sexy Secret Board game by TDC games

Image via Wikipedia NO. NO. No. …. “I’m sorry”…. please don’t let me disturb you from your sexy things… Your provocative things, your forbidden things, your secret things…your childhood dreams, your adult fantasies….your hollow and muffled sounds buried in your “secret” place Those things– that you sneak too…. Those things– …

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