My Mommy’s Birthday Song

moms song

It seems almost ridiculous for me to buy a birthday card for you.  Two main; pertinent reasons why.   First, I’m a writer.  Second; and the most important, there is no card, or letter, or monument  created by anyone other than myself, that would say or express half of what I …

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Taking off the limits…

Image Credit: Erykah Badu

Image by Liam Key via Flickr Bare. Stripped of lack, disappointment, judgment, fear, hurt, or hypocrisy. Naked of anger, pretense, and melancholy. Taking off illness, dis-ease, and pain. Taking off.. “I can’t”, “I shouldn’t”, “I’m not good enough”. Taking off worry and stress No limits. No holding back…(not today). Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2012-2013Some …

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(Your IT) 20 Questions for the Social Dating Website

Showing some love

Has anybody thought about some of the social networking/dating sites protocol or is it just me? I confess that I have messed around in more than a few social hook-up sites.. Shoot, I’m single and I spend most of my free-time on the computer, so why not? But, there’s one …

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Broken Promises

Image Credit: Herr Fous

I never asked you to love me. But, you insisted.. You promised that you would be different. That you would love me unconditionally and not want anything in return. That your love would be so powerful that I wouldn’t be able to refuse.. For a moment, I actually thought you …

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love hate

Rumble?! Just what is that? It’s my jargon’s, my mess, my silly thoughts, my humanness (if that’s a word). And today-it’s my face reality, grow up, move on, deal with it, pep talk (for me). It’s seems almost insane that I wouldn’t go “insane” after this last break up. I …

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I sing on top of mountaintops I sing at births and weddings I sing at jazz clubs in Hip-hop clubs Reggae fests and Auditoriums plays and musicals parks and supermarkets bathrooms and bedrooms I sing of into the night talks and 5 a.m. runs and walks, Of holding hands while …

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