Her Face

Image Credit:S ofiscats


She tells the story…
of her beginning and end…
her Coming’s and all of her Going’s

Her eyes whisper the joys of her children
and the heartaches of her love and all of it’s struggle

Her Cheeks radiate Sparrows Melodies and Swan Lakes Song’s

Her Lips tell glossy tales of World-wide Adventures, and her lineage in Sovereign Lands

Flowers blossom in her hair

She wakes with the Sun and sleeps to the Moons Lullaby

She dances like the Rain

The ground praises her by kissing her feet
with each step she takes

The High Mountains welcome her..
She climbs them with Determination, Strength, Steadfastness, and Compassion

On her journey she carries a staff filled with the sweet liquor of (PEACE) and.. SHE SMILES

A SMILE so bright that it shines light upon the world
A SMILE so vibrant that it brings light to every heart
A SMILE that reflects all of the beauty that exists within her

Everything that she IS..is shown on HER FACE



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Wide-Armed and Stretched.

Colorful and bright.

I stand tall on my toes tips…bending from my lower back.

My neck is tight and chin pointed high.  My hair kisses my shoulder blades.

Wide-Armed and Stretched

I reach

My body nude and erect. Free and loose.

My thighs strong and the veins in my feet pronounced.

I lift

Wide-Armed and Stretched

High and open

My dark eyes are colorful

My cheeks are plump

My smile… so smooth

Wide-Armed and Stretched

I curve and flutter…Graceful and Free

…..Showcasing every speckle, every hidden hair of feather,

all hues glistened and lit, luminous and vibrant,

every wing of me..

vivid and beaming..

all for You to see.



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He does

opt-hr-black panther couple

He does..


I screamed from the kitchen in my loudest, sweetest voice…”I love you as long as the Sun SHINES…and the Water FLOWS!” with a smile so bright and an inside giggle.


Behind me appears…and whispers in my ear “I love you even if the Sun never shined and all I could do was feel you” (while gripping my waist and tugging me close)   “I love you even if there was no water. Your wet kisses are more than enough to keep me hydrated”..

“Funny” I smirk and turn to face him..”Let’s see just how wet my kisses are..”

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To Dream

Image Credit: Ellington CMS

No matter how it’s displayed the dream is never deferred.

The laughter, the mimic, the dance, the play of the children. The hope of us..
The message never dies..

1 Aspiration
1 Word
1 Glimmer
1 Smile
1 Tear
1 Step

All we need is 1 to start a (Revolution).

Change is inevitable but the right kind of change lies in the eye of the beholder.. What do you think the children see?

Support Local Charities

The children that you see in the above video, are from one of the  CDF Freedom Schools Program. The CDF Freedom Schools Program is a national enrichment program dedicated to the empowerment of youth in areas of

"We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest"
Image by Tony the Misfit via Flickr

academics, self-esteem,  leadership, civic responsibility and community action, as well as health and nutrition.

To learn more information and how you can get involved contact CDF Freedom Schools Program

To see more from this specific group of Freedom School participants check out my Facebook video page

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You make me feel alive.


I woke up singing “You make me feel alive” by the Black Eyed Peas..but my thoughts were not on anyone in particular but on spirit and life.

Simple Mindfulness of breath.

I wake up effortlessly without thought. I pop out of bed; most times happy and ready for the day. There seldom isn’t a day that a song is not my first utterance.

I wake up READY.

Ready for whatever the day may offer.

Alive to receive and give.

Alive to teach and learn.

Alive to struggle and fall and then spring back up.

Alive to dance.

Alive to eat and drink; to taste and see.

Alive to feel and touch.

Alive to smile and frown; to pout then courageously “Get myself Together”.

I’m alive.

Spirit gave me the choice to choose and I choose LIFE.

L-I-F-E= Living Infinitely Free Effortlessly

I live. I live through pain. I live through mistakes. I live through heartache and disappointment.

I just keep right on Living.

I’m alive.



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A Breath



I breathe in LOVE. I Exhale HATE.
Breathe in Happiness. Exhale Sadness.
Breathe in Abundance. Exhale Lack.
Breathe in Peace. Exhale Discourse.
Breathe in Health. Exhale Illness.

With each purifying breath I smile and inhale light and I blow out impurity.

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