The Healing Power of ART!

We all have times in our lives when everyday life can become overwhelming.  For some of us, it can even be unbearable.  Our lives may be so troublesome that we are dissatisfied, despondent and may feel dejected from friends and family. We are depressed. Our stress and problems have taken over our thoughts and emotions and made it impossible to cope in daily situations.

Depression can be debilitating and devastating.  It causes symptoms of lethargy, hopelessness, and inadequacy. The mind may feel disturbed and cluttered.  But, there’s hope.

Art has extraordinary healing power with any mental disorder.  Art allows for externalization of the internal. It releases repressed emotions in a healthy and creative way. Human Beings are naturally social. We are expressive and have a deep need to share our stories with one another. However, the painful events can be difficult to relay. Art therapy effectively addresses that issue.

Art in any form. Music, Poetry, Sculpting, Dance, Visual and Performing Arts are all supplemental in the healing process.

A Visual Artist may paint a picture of their pain.  A Singer may perform a heart-felt song that touches millions.  A Dancer may revolt against their troubles in their movements and a Writer may compose a novel about a traumatic past.  Many of the worlds Greatest Artists have created Masterpieces out of their pain and mental discomfort.

The great Nina Simone, famous Pianist, Songwriter, and Vocalist had a Bipolar Disorder, which was diagnosed in the later parts of her life.  Actor, Comedian, and Impressionist; Jim Carrey, speaks openly about his depression. Singer and performer Beyonce Knowles professed her bouts of depression with CBS News in 2006. Edvard Munch, Norwegian artist most famous for his painting “The Scream.” suffered from a 8 year deep depression after his father’s death. Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Mozart, and Beethoven were all said to have had symptoms of depression at points in their lives.

I myself have dabbled a bit on the wild side, in earlier episodes of depression. I notice that I am more creative and able to bring out sides of me and my personality that I wasn’t aware of. During a brief yet serious illness a few years ago, I started to paint. For the first time, I bought a canvas and oil paints and just let loose.  I freely painted without a sketch or model. I focused on abstract strokes, which later turned into actual images. This is the 3rd painting and one of my favorites. It’s called Ascension.













Art is an unbreakable force. It’s a voice when you can’t speak. It’s expression that may or may not be defined. When Art is used as a form healing, it’s results are boundless.  Art is proven to work and with the added benefits of fun and self-expression, it’s undoubtedly the best choice.



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