To me

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A smile like yours won’t ever go- I won’t let it.

Truth: Seems like courage hasn’t been much of me, lately. A feather just hasn’t floated by or maybe I just haven’t noticed.
To be inspired when my spirit is already lit, is a bit tricky.
In and out of life, I fly.
Everyday passing, and Night after Night falling.

I dance my dance and hum my daily hymn.
My spirit paints my lips and colors my eye lids.
I shout love and laugh loud. I teach and guide. Humble and honest, peaceful and poised.

Yet, somehow limited in my everyday existence.
(I Ponder) Just how HIGH can I fly?
Will gravity send me falling?
Will a a flock of geese peck me down?
Will a bullet shoot me out of the sky?
Will Cupid’s arrow pierce my thigh and poison my mind and a stupor soon follow?
Will the evil doers flock beneath me and scream obscenities and lies, Will they throw flaming torches at me; just to steal my wings for themselves?

But, what if I manage to stay afloat. What if I fly so high that I’m too high. Will Creator send me back to my “rightful” place?
Will the clouds kick me down?
Will the Angels say “You don’t belong here”.

I’m Stuck for now…

Happy, Happy to be me. Happy-Happy to enjoy my own breath. Happy-Happy to see the placement of my feet in the morning. Lovingly awaiting the Sun; Proud.

When night comes flight awaits.

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I am who I am, simply.

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